Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Which do you like more-- Funters, Fatagonia or Firkenstocks?"

Today, when maybe you just really need it, this will be a spot of good thoughts and joy and uplifting ideas. The world always needs more of that.

Remember that ol' Mumford and Songs lyric, "Where you invest your love you invest your life," that used to pop up all over the place? I remembered it today and it got me thinking about where I'm investing my love. Take 30 seconds and think about where you're investing your love. Is that where you want to find your life?

Speaking of investing your love, read this post about The Key To Happiness on the Story Line Blog. What are you so excited about that others might even ridicule you for it? For me it's Young Life, CILTs, friendship bracelets, letter writing, celebrating with whimsy. It's so much better to live a life in love with what you're doing than to go through the motions of a boring life. What will you be excited about today?

While talking to Cassidy at Young Life on Monday night I remembered this old Rob Bell Nooma video-- it's one of my favorites. 11 minutes and 20 seconds that are totally worth your time to watch Rhythm. "The song is playing all around us, all the time. It's written on our hearts. 

"So may you come to see that the song is written on your heart. And as you live in tune with the song, in tune with the creator of the universe, may you realize you are in relationship with the living God."

Soon after I was released from my day of meetings, I met up with Cass and Maddie to go on an adventure. We went to Napolese and shared Baked Carpriole Goat Cheese and a Nutella Dessert Pizza-- the most delicious kind of food that you ever did eat. Cass got to try a Love Sac for the first time ever and scoffed when she found out it costs $900.

We cheered on our friends Lauren and Kegley at their first basketball game of the season. Lucky for us, we got to hang out with the entire Myers family in the bleachers. You'd be hard pressed to find a group that's more fun to be with than these 6 people.

Today's To-Do List for You and for Me:
1. Have a dance party-- even if you're the only one there
2. Send a text/email/letter to at least two friends telling them you're thinking of them
3. Spend time doing something you really, really love even if you don't think you have time for it
4. Get outside more than you were planning to--even if it's just for two minutes

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