Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Is it ok if I start calling you Queen Wright?"

In Love Does, Bob Goff writes about how God wants us to be secretly awesome. He says when we're out there loving God and loving other people that we don't have to always broadcast all the stuff we're doing. We know that God knows and that the person feels loved and that's enough. 

I got to be the recipient of some love in action today. I knew Hools was coming to visit FBC after school but she walked into the auditeria was my favorite Starbucks drinks in hand. She didn't have to and it was just a couple dollars, but today it was just so great. I felt known and loved and celebrated on a regular old Thursday. 

What if it was our mission to be secretly awesome today? Love does stuff-- in big and small ways. So here's my plan. I'm going to brainstorm some ways I can love my people-- with words or showing up or in a simple gift-- and then I'm going to do it and not tell anyone. So really, you won't know if I follow through or not, but that's not the point right? Let's be secretly awesome together. How can you go love people audaciously today?

Something else awesome-- tonight my friend taught me to make sushi and coconut curry shrimp soup. If you know anything about my cooking record, you know that this is a far leap from my normal "cooking" which includes preheating the oven and throwing in a pizza. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself--you can just call me Chef Wright.

Elizabeth Gilbert is an author that all of my favorite authors adore. I've never read any of her stuff, but I was listening to an interview with her today about being brave enough to choose the irrational, the thing that makes you come alive. These words struck me,

In the few opportunities in your life when you've ever had the chance to meet someone who inspires you, what was the first thing you said? "Thank you. Thank you so much." By watching someone else live at their highest, most magnificent, most creative potential, my world was a better world. So use that as a justification to do your work. Do the thing you were called to do. It's an act of community service. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Let's live like that. 

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"I've gone to Starbucks once. I got a piece of bread."
"I'm going gray at 14!"

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