Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 Things I Love

At the beginning of Campaigners we wrote lists of things we love to get thinking about the topic.

1. Skyping with Mags and asking her questions
2. Sitting in the hall and talking to kids during passing period
3. Watching kids laugh
4. Praying and reading prayers on the Team CILT wall
5. Reading Libby's story on Don't Waste Your Cancer
6. Walking life with Molls
7. Laughing with camp friends till we cry
8. When girls help each other in FBC
9. Getting Kevin to smile
10. Talking to Taylor every Wednesday night
11. Walking outside with a friend
12. Sleeping in without an alarm
13. Writing love tank notes
14. Colored envelopes
15. Praying with Casey
16. Late night talks with Krissy
17. Sitting on Sar's bed at night
18. Emails from Fitzie
19. FFT emails with Sar
20. Reading what Alli, Maggie, Molls, and Annie think on their blogs
21. That Molly and Al are so excited about fun dancing together at frats
22. Laying watching the stars
23. Sleeping under quilts my mom made
24. Getting Diet Coke with friends
25. Holding a baby
26. Sitting in the Longhouse bathroom late at night having deep talks
27. When people decide to be the best version of themselves
28. Lists in the trip planning group
29. I like lists with Mary Claire
30. Waking up at Casey's cottage to the light coming in every window
31. Dance parties at camp
32. Jumping on beds in Choctaw

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