Sunday, February 13, 2011

Conversation = Caffeine

1. Sar and I went to church in Delphi this morning. I got to see my old youth pastor Sheila who was leading my parent's Sunday School class. Grace and Grace sat on my left during the sermon and I loved seeing them in real life.

2. On our way home Sar and I met our friend Michelle at the mall. It makes me feel kind of queasy to write that. As we were on our way there Sar and I talked about how meeting friends AT THE MALL is for sure not something we would ever prefer to do. We were never those girls. But we wanted to look for dresses for Jenna's wedding and find new jeans. 

3. We walked in our apartment building to this...

Oh. My. Gosh.

Taylor, Dommer, and Allison were all home this weekend and came to decorate my door, since they couldn't get inside, for my birthday. The best part was the cards they left me, all cat-free, with the most kind words. I loved them. In her letter Allison was telling me about what is making her feel alive these days and she wrote, "Conversation = Caffeine." I love that idea. Conversation gives me life and makes my life.

4. Phone conversations with Michelle, Beef, and Rachel were all grand. I love when camp people stay connected all year round.

5. Talking about a puzzle we're figuring out with Sar and our friend Jason and laughing a lot.

6. Dinner with Molls and my favorite salad in the world. She had a 5-hour show choir practice today. Impressive. I can't wait to actually see her perform. I hadn't seen her since Wednesday but it felt like so long- we both had so much to say and tell and share.

7. Skype with Annie Fazzio with a guest appearance from her little sister Ellen.

Camp talk, school theme days, lists of things that make us feel alive, dresses, coloring, weekend reviews, Young Life and future plans.

8. Skype with Mags about our weekends. She is goofy and beautiful and I really love her.

Here's to many more conversations tomorrow.

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