Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tall buildings instead of tall trees

At this point in the week I'm done with the week.
I'm tired and I have just spent two nights sitting in classes and driving to downtown Indy. Last year I drove downtown less times then I can count on my fingers. Now I go twice a week and I see all of these building, power lines, highways, cars, stoplights, cement, sidewalks, smog, and cement.

I really just want to see this.

I miss being outside and playing and feeling the sun and wearing shorts and t-shirts and being outside and running and jumping and there's usually some sweating involved and seeing grass and trees and did I mention being outside?

But that's not really an option right now.

Oh, and blogger just told me that I've run out of free space and I can't upload any more photos. I can purchase more space for the low, low price of $5 but I'm just frustrated right now because I had more pictures to show you and I can't.

So I'm frustrated and tired, but then I get in my car and I hear the CD that Maddy sent me yesterday and I love new music.

I call Taylor and hear her voice and talk to her about why life is confusing for her right now and have the chance to tell her that I believe in her and I know that God has great plans for her.

I get home and have an envelope waiting in the mailbox of an insane amount of pictures that Annie and Julie colored for me and they make me smile and thankful for coloring and for these girls.

Outside my door are birthday flowers from Fitzie, yes it's the birthday that never ends, and a note and I'm so excited that I might get to visit her in a few short weeks.

Arielle calls and I get to hear her voice even if I'm too tired to have a real conversation right now.

Sar and Jenna come home and I'm so thankful that I can just sit with them and we can all type away and de-stress from the day and just be comfortable with sitting here together.

I have to spend time doing things I don't love and I have to be around tall buildings instead of tall trees right now but there are reminders that life is good and people are kind and that God is present and I think that's all that really matters.

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