Thursday, February 17, 2011

TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday)

Theme days are one of my very favorite things. Tuesday I dressed up as a Tecumseh counselor for Super Hero day, yesterday I wore a Colts Jersey for the first time in my life for NFL day, and today I wore these train conductor overalls for Would You Be My Friend If I Wore This? day.  They used to be my mother's but I've gratefully inherited them. I think I like them... a lot. They're going to start making more regular appearances.

We're working on the Starbucks project this week so after our 10 minute writes, defending our gender against the stereotypes people wrote yesterday, we crafted. I'll show you their work soon but I promise it's fun and I love seeing their creative ideas. Today a girl substituted butter cream icing for glue, a girl taped rocks from an aquarium, and I saw lots of neon duct tape.

I was informed today, and thought you should know too, that, "Boys do not play Black Ops. Boys experience Black Ops." Now it all makes sense. 

FBC rejoiced that the weather allowed us to go have screaming races and a game of needle tag OUTSIDE. Oh fresh air and sunshine. We learned the rag rug pattern today and sang the new Glee Justin Bieber song. These are some of the very best kids in our school and I love getting to hang out with them for this hour every week.

Alli Kenney and I had a date at Chipotle tonight before Moll's first show choir competition. I picked her up and we put in the CD she just made me of songs that make you feel really happy and went to get Chipotle. I love sitting and talking with this girl and I keep getting to know her better. I'm so excited to work with her this summer and see her have her own campers to love. We got to the school and found out that we were an hour early. Going to get Huddles seemed like a great way to use our time before the performance.

This summer Molls taught show choir clinic at camp for the CILTs. She sings like she's in show choir in the car, makes show choir faces when she speaks, and rocks Just Dance 2 when it's show choir moves. Needless to say I was thrilled to see Molls in show choir. Alli and I sat in the front row and made eye contact with Molls whenever we could and took pictures the whole time.

I felt like I was watching a giant all girl episode of Glee. So fun. I loved the choreography, seeing Molly perform, the girl that belted out Empire State of Mind, and when the other choir performed a medley with Dynamite. I flipped out and recorded it. The song always makes me miss Session 3.

I'm so thankful for days like today- a craft-creating, story-telling, bracelet-making, blog-reading, childs-teaching, outside-playing, burrito-eating, song-playing, friend-visiting, show-watching, skype-chatting, and deep-talking kind of day.

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