Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"I just posted, go check my blog!"

I was telling one of my friends, whom I really love but don't talk to that often, that she should write a blog. I told her that I'm discovering more of our friends have blogs and it's so convenient to know what's going on in their lives. She told me that she would rather just talk to them on the phone then read about their lives online.

I've been thinking about that conversation and decided a couple things.

1. Yes, I would always prefer to actually talk to someone and hear their voice.
2. Talking on the phone or in person isn't always possible. Posts are accessible all the time.
3. People write insights, reflections, and experiences in their blogs that they might not share in a normal phone conversation.
4. I really like reading other people's writing and seeing pictures of their lives.

I realize I already knew this but I really like blogs.

Today Libby, who I actually don't know, wrote about going to her last chemo treatment tomorrow. I've been following her story for a few months now and it's crazy that if her blood count is high enough tomorrow she'll be done.

 i am not sure how to express it. but my little family of three only got through this season of life because we trust God with our lives and we were cared for in such a special way. He did that through the immense, deep, genuine love of people who know us so so so well and those we have never met. so thank you. i am getting a little ahead of myself as i wanted to write about this later. but i had to share my heart today. so in the midst of discouragement i feel loved. and you may not know what a difference that makes until you too go through something big and hard and scary and think...i could not imagine if...blank... happened to me.  and then it does happen and in the end realize we are all stronger than we ever thought and we were not meant to go through life alone. we certainly did not go through this alone. so thank you for entering into our cancer in the best way you knew how. it made all the difference. 

This afternoon I went to get Diet Coke and a snack with my friend Alli who I dearly love. She is precious and we have great conversations and I love being around her. I love when I get to overlap my day with her. Then it was so fun to come home and see that she had already blogged about our conversation. How could this not make me happy? (Another reason why blogs are great.)

I got a cookie, she got soup, and we both got Diet Coke of course. We talked about lots of things including family, Day Camp, bullies, and fainting. Every time I finish spending time with Sarah, I realize something-- I just love being with her. She's such a happy soul and a cheerful, lovely person. I really, sincerely enjoy being around her and she always easily brings joy into the conversation and my day. It's her birthday tomorrow-- so happy birthday Sarah! I love you a lot and I'm so happy to know you.

When I got home from class tonight I was tired but had to check all the normal technology spots- fbook, texts, noodle intensity, younghouselove, and blogspot. This post from Annie gave me encouragement and made me excited to take opportunities tomorrow.

So I am going to say yes. I am going to watch Glee and make cookies.  I am going to skype with camp friends even if I have a lot of homework.  I am going to volunteer for NHS and take every opportunity to experience life as I can.  And hopefully, all these little things that I do will add up to make my life more meaningful. More colorful.

Maybe you should start a blog...

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