Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's the little things

I had a two hour delay this morning. Four days off wasn't enough yet so we cut off a couple more hours. Because of the late start it was light enough to spot this snowman when I walked outside and it made me smile. A family back at camp built four snowman over the weekend- one for each member of their family. The little Ollie and princess Sophie snowmen are precious.

I don't really like going out in the cold to build snowmen, go sledding, or ice-skate on ice covered yards but I love hearing about other people doing it.

Before first period I saw one of my students power skipping around the building. I think she got in three laps before the bell rang. That's what happens when you miss a week of school.

I loved seeing all of my students back in class and in the halls after so long. They told me their stories of igloos, getting stuck in ice holes, and rescuing frozen puppies. It had been so strange to not be spending my days in room 201. These are great kids and I'm lucky that this is my job.

Late tonight I got to Skype with my friend Mags as she straightened her hair. I'm so thankful for the wonderful invention of Skype- how wonderful that we can hear each other, see each other and it's all for free. I love being able to just sit and talk with Mags about her day and hear her voice get excited and watch her Maggie mannerisms.

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