Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day number two and we're still going strong.

Decided this needed to be a more productive day so I convinced Sar to brave the wind across the street to our workout center to run. Then I graded a whole class of 5-paragraph essays. With the work out of the way it was time to get back to snow day activities.

Specifically we focused on pizza, Diet Coke, and Baby Mama. Sar and I decided we should un-ice our cars again just incase we needed to get anywhere like work or school tomorrow. We pulled out the big pot for hot water and found a scraper that hadn't been broken yet and got to work.

 The ice on my car was like the chocolate you put on ice-cream that hardens into a shell and then you smack it with a spoon. As we continued pouring on hot water and I used the scraper like a lever I could break off these massive pieces.

I dare say it was fun.

More friendship bracelets and television before we went to Meijer for more snowpocalypse supplies and rations. I told Molly and Sar, "It's ok, I've got four-wheel drive," before I went over a pile of snow in the parking lot and quickly got stuck. They got out to push my car free as I gunned it in reverse but we were struggling to make any progress. Luckily, two nice men stopped their cars to help push mine out.

Taco fiesta with Molls, Sar, Ashlee, Jenna and Kyle with his dialogue on Gilmore Girls, school, and wedding plans.

Because I found out I still don't have school again tomorrow I went with Sar and Ashlee to the boys house to play Settler's of Catan. Our game took about two and a half hours.

It was Mark's first game, Ashlee calls ore rocks and once played every night for a week, Jake has a 27 - 6 record with Catan, Tom tries to make a lot of deals, and Sar won the first game she ever played. I stole the longest train points, pulled out a victory point card, and won with literally shaking hands.

Another snow day tomorrow due to icy bus-stops, school parking lots, and subdivisions. Ice Break 2011.

Sar has to go back to class tomorrow which is going to be really strange. Since after school on Monday we literally have been together every second- we go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, eat the same foods at the same time, watch the same TV on the same couch. It's been fun.

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