Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I were a boy...

Today's writing prompt: Write a fictional story of a 7th grader of the opposite gender.

A boy wrote, "My typical day: I wake up and put on my makeup after taking a shower. Then I eat breakfast and put on more makeup. Then I rush to finish homework then I finish putting on my makeup. I catch the bus, text on the way to school, and before I get there I just fix up my mascara real quick. On the way in I find three of my best friends and go to every single girl's locker, waiting till they get their stuff. Then I go to my own. My first class is P. E. and that sweat totally messed up my makeup so I do it all over again in my locker mirror. Now it's period two. After it ends I have to go to the bathroom. Oh, time to get a group of my best friends to use it with me."

A girl wrote, "So last night I was playing Black Ops with this total gamer. I mean he's at like 6th prestige and I'm only at 4. I was on xbox live chatting with my bro John when he told me he had 4 girlfriends and I was like, "Woah man!" All my friends are trying out for the basketball team so of course I gotta do what my friends do and follow. I'm playing Black Ops again all day and night. Girls just don't get the beauty of killing zombies. Woah! 52 zombies killed--new record. It's 1:24 in the morning and I have to go to school tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

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