Thursday, February 3, 2011

"I feel like you live here."

Snow it's day three of the snowmaggedon and my friends have returned to college and work life. I'm still getting to enjoy my time off because of the ice dominating subrurban Indianapolis. After spending two days in our living room it was time to get out... to someone else's living room.

I was lucky enough to spend most of the day with Molls, her friend Emma, and her mom Mindy. Molly and I checked off almost every item on our list of fun snow day activities including coloring posters, going to the movies, practicing wii, a trip to target, eating good food, and watching Grey's. 

This is a great mother daughter duo. I'm glad I got to laugh with them and hear their stories today.

Oh... and I have another snow day tomorrow.

Jim White called to say, "We thought the previously announced two-hour delay would allow us enough time to safely bus students to school. But after sending buses into several of our subdivisions this evening we have decided that it is not safe enough for tomorrow. Parents, please make sure to do whatever you can to get rid of ice at your child's bus-stop this weekend so that we will be able to resume school on Monday."

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