Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowly Moley

Snow thankful that I'm not a mail man, an on-site reporter, dog walker, the people that work check-outs at Meijer, the man that drives the salt-golf cart at our apartment complex, or a snowplow driver today.

This morning we woke up late... thanks to the snowmaggedon that came out of nowhere. After consuming our blueberry muffins that we cooked last night just in case we lost power, we decided to check on the state of our cars. They were encased in a ferocious layer of ice that ate our ice-scrapers. All of them. They broke in fear of the snowpocalypse ice. 

We resorted to pouring bowls and pots of water on the ice until it eventually surrendered. We knew we were in the eye of the storm at this point but decided we'd rather hack through an inch and a half of ice now rather then three inches tomorrow. So we made an assembly line and passed dozens of gallons of water to free our cars.

Jake, Jenna, and David all braved the roads to hole up somewhere else leaving Sar and I to fend for ourselves. We did ok.

That's snow annoying
There's snowthing to do
This is snow fun
You are snow funny
Say it isn't snow
How are you snow creative?
There's snow place like home
Snowly Moley
Snow you didn't

Thank you facebook for not only providing this snowmazing humor but updates on the storm and school closing information that is faster than news sources.

Today we did nothing. Cleaned the kitchen. We had frozen pizza for lunch. Typical. With Diet Coke. More typical. Read blog posts. Collaged for my friend. Watched Easy A. Checked facbook. Texted a lot. Watched Mona Lisa Smile. Hung out with Ashlee. Showered. Watched the second half of snowpocalypse arrive. Admired the smell of our candles and how we love that our apartment smells like this. 

Finished an old friendship bracelet. Drank Diet Coke because I had a headache. Ate cartoon shaped macaroni and cheese and Sar ate peas. Did a happy jump when HSE, Butler, and IUPUI cancelled for tomorrow. Ate Ben & Jerry's.

Watched the Bachelor. All the mat snatchers visited. Finished the Bachelor. Made a wreath. 

Texted and facebooked more. Watched and sang along to rent. Can't wait to do more nothing tomorrow.

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