Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"You have a pure, beautiful heart."

One of our CILT Jar challenges this week was Glow Stick breakfast. We kept the lights off in the Party Room and just saw using glow sticks and these super cool glowing balloons. 

After chapel we headed up to the Lake Village to do some group initiatives. The CILTs rotated through Acid River, Whale Watch, the Spider Web and The Puzzle.

It's Wolf Shirt Wednesday today and a couple CILTs like Colleen brought their own.

After we debriefed all of the activities we taught the CILTs to play Psychiatrist. I love that we're finding so much time to play games this session.

This week Village Directors are going around with Compliment Cams during lunch to record counselors giving compliments to other counselors. The videos will all be compiled to watch during a staff meeting. I love that this is part of our culture.

We found the rest of our CILT Pack during lunch. SO many friends today!

Ellyn and I took our daily pic right after lunch. As we were about to walk away we heard Suzanne say, "Can I be in your daily pic?" Not sure it still qualifies as a daily pic, but a Sarah, Suzanne and Ellyn pic is pretty fun too.

WE GOT OUR FIRST CAMPER CARE PACKAGE! Olivia Kinsella is a rock star and we love and miss her so much. She made a check list of everything we wanted and included everything except herself. We took a vote and just want her to come back to the Longhouse now.

I got lifesaver gummies and a "burnt" CD (notice the flames).

I also got a letter today from Amanda, an awesome CILT from last summer. She wrote, "I can't describe how much CILTs meant to me. It's an experience I'll never forget and something I can never stop thinking about. I hope all the CILTs this year can get as much out of CILTs as I did because it can truly change your entire outlook on life." Those words mean so much and totally validate what we're doing here.

This afternoon all of River Village hung out at the Compassion Carnival that will sponsor international kids. I got to run the photo booth with Michelle Mooney and Kyle which was a blast.

Arielle and Linsey ran Giant Jenga nearby.

Kids spun a wheel to get a Slushi, High 5 or Spin Again.

Riley and Fizz rode the scooters during human bowling and got doused in water before every roll.

Day Camp staff walked by after their pop stop and hung out with us for a little while.

I wish I could hang out with Peanut this much every day. Diggy taught me how to be a thug.

D'mya came bye and Gummy showed up!

I convinced Ellyn to go swimming in her clothes. She just had to take a head to toe shower first. Erin won Walk the Plank today. Actually she won second place after Nurse Holly but when Nurse Holly passed Erin happily accepted the honor.

Tonight I got to play with Kat and Emily. Just last year they were CILTs and now we're all on staff together. We went to dinner, found a treasure at Goodwill, did some shopping in Target and got milkshakes before heading back to camp. These girls have a special spot in my heart and I'm so glad we're all at camp this summer.

I came back to the Longhouse to deliver Ellyn's special present. I made her lie down on the bed with her eyes closed and then I put the track suit on her. "Ooooh it's soft."

I told her to open her eyes and then this happened...

She immediately put on both the pants and jacket and then quickly ripped off the pants. She'll be wearing the whole outfit tomorrow... and maybe the rest of the summer.

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