Sunday, June 29, 2014

"This isn't salad, it's ham, bacon and cheese!

The CILTs were in charge of chapel Sunday morning for all of the stayover campers. They did God Is Coming To Dinner and Meghan did a great job with the wrap up. She shared about how her town was hit by a really destructive tornado this past year. They're still recovering but they've received help and love and support from so many friends and strangers. 

Day Camp counselors only work some of the camp weeks so the staff is constantly changing. It stinks having to say good bye to them but it's sweet when new friends show up on Sunday. I'm so glad that Saaya and Sophie are both here this week.

The CILT counselors pulled out new things from the CILT Jar that we'll try to make happen this week. So much potential for fun.

Can you spot what doesn't belong in this photo?

If you said the polar bear, you are correct! This bear will be wandering camp all week long and delivering mail to campers.

The CILTs got to be escorts for a couple buses of campers this afternoon. We went back to the DC parking lot to meet the kids and ended up hanging out there for a long time.

The CILT Pack that hangs out together, stays together.

Waiting around for awhile ended up being fun because we got to hang out with our awesome campers.

I'm so thankful to have Adare in my cabin again and to get to work with Katherine this summer. These two both have such beautiful hearts.

Spontaneous photo shoot...

Smoon and I saw a picture of an orientation group with matching shirts and a rainbow of shorts. Pretty good for our first try and not planning anything out.

The Johnson sisters are precious and kind and you can usually find them hugging one of the counselors. There is no question that their love language is physical touch.

When the bus arrived we spread out down the road so that we could jump and scream and dance to greet the kids. We wanted them to immediately know that there is something different about this place and that we're so excited that they're here.

We made a tunnel for all the kids to walk through before taking them to their cabin for the week.

Finally we all made it back to the Party Room. Tonight the CILTs will lead the I'm Third devotion for their adopted cabin. For the hour leading up to dinner they made a plan and figured out what they're say, the questions they'll ask and the bible verse they'll share.

CAMERON IS HERE THIS WEEK! This boy is one of my favorite guys that shows up at Tecumseh every summer. He gives the best hugs and always has a smile on his face. He was so happy to see us that he accidentally spilled some of his ham, bacon and cheese on Ellyn during her hug. We also discovered that Cameron is Randy Dandy the CILT's younger brother. Mind blown.

Arielle and Smoon are jealous of Ellyn and I's daily pics so they think they might want to start taking some. I thought Andy and Mike should have their own daily pic too.

Ellyn and I couldn't help ourselves from jumping in with the rest of the Longhouse homies.

Since the CILTs are with their adopted cabins the counselors dress up alone tonight. Once we had our idea we went hunting for supplies.

We went back to the Longhouse to get ready but found a care package from Olivia Davis, Ashley Yuska, Grace Gregor and Sam Gates waiting on my bed for all the counselors. We got letters, candy, peanut butter, cookies and a jar of memories. (Notice anything about Arielle's face?)

You know Mt. Rushmore? The rock wall with all the Presidential faces carved in it? Tonight Katherine, Arielle, Smooney, Avagian and I went to Opening Campfire as Mt. Longhouse.

We're as serious as granite and stoic as limestone.

We had to stay in our sheet the whole time and try not to smile. It was a great costume for sure but I missed running around and seeing all of the stayover and new campers. Instead of hugging them and taking pictures, Mt. Longhouse just stood and stared at people. Also fun, just a different kind of fun.

After campfire I gave Ellyn a new present which she loved of course. Since I've given Ellyn the IU sweatsuit and a Sponge Bob towel, Arielle is going to change her love language to gifts too so she can start getting cool stuff.

In devotions we told the story of the 10 lepers who were healed and only one came back to say thank you to Jesus. We saw the Jessica's daily affirmations video and talked about the positivity and negativity around us. Then we each worked on our own lists of 100 things we love. I so believe that being positive is something we can work on and train ourselves to be better at. I think we're called to appreciate the things around us and to give thanks back to God.

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