Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"I knew it was her by her shape ups!"

We made backwards day happen this morning--backwards clothes, backwards chairs and backpacks on the front. Julia even put in her earrings backwards. 

Being backwards wasn't the most comfortable thing I've ever done, but it made this morning fun.

The rainy weather caused a change of plans and we headed to a local nursing home in Delphi. CILTs visited with the residents there and then shared some camp chapel and flagpole songs with them.

Ruth has been my favorite resident at the nursing home since I first started making these trips with the CILTs 7 years ago. She was feeling great today and was very talkative. Her yarn headbands are one of my favorite style choices of hers.

Kyle, who drove our bus into town, is a ROCK STAR and got Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen for all 45 of us. What a guy. He definitely made our morning. Nothing beats ice cream at 11 am.

Back on the Longhouse Porch we whipped out the CILT cheer in 30 minutes. There was this awesome positivity and momentum rolling and before we knew it, all the words were written. Then the CILT counselors made a special surprise for the Session 1 CILTs that was pretty funny.

We wanted the fun to continue and initiated a River Village Pre-Lunch Dance Party.. More and more kids and counselors joined in with every song.

Ryan is a family friend of Smooney's and here at Tecumseh for the first time. I'm so glad that Rhys is here this week, she's so sweet and awesome. 

I got to hang out with Lilly and Alli during pool time which was so much fun. We brought back turtling and Lilly kept giving us hugs.

Several of Alli's old girls are here this week. Devon, a pathfinder from Georgia, came by with her cabin and I was happy to see her.

I loved seeing these Brave cabins play toss with water balloons over the volleyball net by just using towels between two people. Very creative.

Catawba and Teton did friendship bracelets together and I got to see Suzanne, Molly, Amy and Maggie. Adare and Sophie came by with their cabin of girls.

I met Jessica when she was one of Mary Brody's campers a couple summers ago. I'm so glad she's here this week.

Ellyn and I took a trip to the mini farm to see all the animals and ran into Andy, Steve-o and Emerson.

We continued on our camp tour and saw Katie and Maria with their adopted campers at the Black Hole.

I ate dinner with Catawba and then played in the Trading Post with the CILT counselors. The whole CILT Pack met back up at the Longhouse porch. We played "I'm Going On A Trip" and a handful of them figured out the riddle. Their cheer is now complete with motions and hopefully we'll perform it soon. Next we all headed out to the OT.

A CILT favorite game is Fugitive. Our fearless fugitives must leave from the DC picnic tables and attempt to make it back to the safety of the Longhouse Porch or Irving's hill. Meanwhile everyone else is tracking the fugitives and trying to tag them.

Smooney, Alex and Colleen made it back safely right away. So intense. None of the other fugitives ended up making it back.

We spotted 3 raccoons across the street--walking around and climbing a tree. Mike and Sam came to take care of them and Mike Jones, Joey and Ellyn wanted to help too.

We taught the CILTs to play 4 on a Couch in the Party Room, one of my very favorite games. Team Hair Down won and we were pretty stoked.

We listened to the song "My Lighthouse" in devotions tonight and the girls got to talk about their interpretation of lyrics and how God has been a lighthouse in their lives. It's so cool to listen to their observations and questions and ideas.

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