Saturday, June 28, 2014

JZ and KJ Wedding!

We woke up at the Threehouse Treehouse and not a single person had been eaten by a raccoon. It was actually one of the most restful sleepouts I think I've ever had. So glad that we went. 

Did you know that Arielle's dad is Desert Pete?

This afternoon I drove to Crawfordsville with Smoon, Odle, Maggie and Claire to watch our good friends Jamie and Kevin get married. We'd been waiting for this day for a long time and were all pumped.

For the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie and Kevin Jones.

KJ you may kiss the bride. Katrina you may begin celebrating.


Instead of throwing things at the new couple, we got to swing around ribbons instead.

CAMP TECUMSEH FAMILY. JZ and KJ met at camp and have both invested so much of their lives here. So many of the people who have been part of their camp story were in attendance today.

We tried to take a CILT girl picture but everyone around us wanted in the frame too. We were persistent and after about 15 pictures got one of just the three of us.

Smoon and I are speedy in our own photo shoots. We've don't even have to talk, we just know what the next pose is going to be.

 Captions at weddings are difficult, but taking fun pictures is really easy.

The reception was a party. There was dancing, photo taking, so many friends, a soda bar and delicious cake. It was fantastic.

Claire's idea got approval by Mel and then an extra push of enthusiasm from Joel. All of the Camp T tables but flies on the Jones.

The photo booth was our favorite part of the reception for obvious reasons

Do good. Mean mug. CILT Pack.

JZ and KJ 5ever

CILT Pack wedding crashers

When in doubt, pick up Sophie

Camp friends make the best friends

The funniest gals... homies... friends around.

Arielle and Wolfdancer are brilliant

Social experiment, will this picture give me a new Instagram record?

The lovely Mrs. Jamie Jones. We love you so much.

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