Friday, June 27, 2014

"I've always wanted to lick someone's armpit."

The CILT Pack shadowed first and second clinic this morning. Our CILTies got to see their res kids, I got to play with fun girls like Ryhs and I got to wander all over camp observing with Smoon and Arielle. 

Fridays are always the most fun days in clinics because you're shooting off rockets in Main Field, finishing baskets, perfecting your hip hop dance and maybe moving up a swim band level. Friday is the culmination of everything you've done all week long.

Little Sarah and Jessica were at baskets so we brainstormed what they could put in their baskets-- socks, pencils, potatoes, q-tips, leaves, macaroni, old teeth or a little pig.

Smoon and I were a little overheated by the time we got to the pool so we decided to dip our heads in the water to cool back down.

Back at home on the Longhouse Porch with the CILT Pack, we talked about what great things we had seen in clinics and what things could be improved. Then there was time to play a couple rounds of Psychiatrist. During that time we started playing "Spit water on your friend" which is even more fun than it sounds.

In case you didn't notice yet, today is also Unofficial Overall Day.

Arielle also wears really cool Toms loafers.

I'm so lucky that I get to work and live and play with two of my very best friends this summer. #blessed

Did you know there are three sets of twins in the Longhouse right now? Kristen and Lauren (the girls of the Johnson triplets), me and Smoon, Mallory and Megan Happ.

Being a twin is just the coolest.

Before lunch everyone was in such a good mood. There's just so much positivity all over on Fridays.

So many WOW moments. Mooney sisters. Gretta and one of her girls. Reece wearing overalls over jeans.

Lunch was just a party this afternoon. A whole bunch of flies on Arielle. We learned Ellyn's middle name is Page because her dad had to be paged when she was born. We HOH-d in a giant mob on the floor. I made the CILTs crab walk out of the room.

Pop stop is the social hour of Camp Tecumseh. Just like passing period at HSJH, this is when I can count on seeing everyone. I'm a big fan of Suzanne, Claire and Gretta. 

If I were stranded on a counseling island I wouldn't mind being stuck with Suzanne, Alli, Molly, Anna and Erin. We'd have a fabulous time.

Did you know that Diet Coke is the official sponsor of Camp Tecumseh? Now you know.

Of all the theme nights at Camp T I think Disco is one of the most difficult. I'm very impressed with how our Longhouse girls dressed up tonight. 

I love Molly. She's the most precious nugget.

Friday night is the best because all of the resident and Day Camp counselors are on. I get to play with friends like Kat and Maeve.

 The CILT Pack is rolling with 9 counselors these days. Joey, Andy and Mike are in the Brova. We've got Katherine and Smoon in Hopi, Emily and Arielle in Abnaki, and Ellyn and I in Choctaw. We're quite the squad.

These CILTs wowed us during dinner with their dance moves. We'd like to give the gold medal to Evan.

Before we knew it, the whole Party Room was filled Riv kids dancing.

Trading Post time on Friday nights is a blast. Nothing beats hanging out with all of your friends at the happiest place on Earth.

I answered all of Sophie's questions and got into her special club. Ellyn got in too even with all her allergies.

We followed the horse parade out to Closing Campfire. I'm so thankful that camp is a place where I'm best friends with people of so many different ages.

In a very serious caper we rounded up Alli, Molly, Mags and I and then Ellen Fazzio because we love Annie so much.

Frodo and Gandalf came out to start off campfire and introduce every unit before their cheer.

We're back at Camp T once again
Checked into CILTs and made some friends
C-I-L-T we're the pack
C-I-L-T we're the pack

We played with Warriors and the Braves
We took the Blazers to the Lake
C-I-L-T we're the pack
C-I-L-T we're the pack

We're gonna wear our teal hats, woah
And don't forget our backpacks, nooo
Please don't make us leave

Woahhhhh we're Session 2
Woahhhhh having fun with you
Praising God from the Longhouse and Brova
Woahhhhh hope it's never ova


Lake Village step clinic went nerd style tonight

Mags got to be a cheerleader tonight with Anthony during the awards.

Jessica got her fourth year bandana tonight. Emily Glanders came to visit and got to see all of her old campers like Lilly Fair!

I miss getting to see Emily at home in Indy and was so glad she came tonight with Eric. Lilly is a rockstar and I'm stoked she's still here next week.

Lake Village hip show hop choir was out of control awesome tonight. I hope their performance gets on the website.

If I weren't a Tecumseh counselor made a come back tonight.

River Village hip hop was the most enthusiastic group out there.

The torchbearer said, "You are the light of the world. Let your light shine so that others may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven." Camp is the greatest.

Once the girls were all back at the Longhouse after doing devotions with their cabins, we announced that we were GOING ON A SLEEPOUT! Tonight we decided to be flexible and give them the choice of going with us to the Threehouse Treehouse or staying back to sleep in their bunk. Smoon, Emily and I took 17 (over half) adventurous girls out into the Pine Forest to sleep under the stars. I love getting to take campers on sleep outs like this-- it's something they'll probably never get to do at home. 

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