Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Yes, I understand that money cannot buy happiness. But it can buy summer camp and I've yet to discern any difference."

Smoon and I woke up Sunday morning and immediately headed to Starbucks to write more Parent Letters. Miraculously I set a new PR for CILT PL writing and finished all ten 3-page letters by 10:30 am. Never have I ever finished all of them before the next session began before. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repeat that but right now I'm pretty happy.

At the staff meeting we all reached into the CILT Jar to randomly select our new adventures for the coming week.

Last week was a struggle for accomplishing everything we picked so our goal is to do better this time around. We potentially have some really fun things about to happen.

THERE ARE SO MANY FUN KIDS HERE THIS WEEK! Hallie Roth and Ava Baby are both here. I luckily got to see Emily too!

Karisa and Lizzy Dale stopped by to say hi. We really, really miss having them work here this summer.

Ellen Fazzio is back as a Warrior all the way up in Paiute cabin. There are an amazing amount of Warriors this week.

Having 30 girls check in at the Longhouse is always quite the event. New and old friends are all mixed together and we start to get a feel for what the group will be like. I'm already excited about this session.

I'm excited for another session of working with two of my very best friends.


The Brova...



This group immediately just emits this vibe of being so nice and kind. They're so pumped about being back at camp as CILTs.

Odle is stoked too. Ellyn and I broke out our staff tanks this afternoon and she even let me share a nerd rope with her.

The Longhouse counselors love the all camp picture.

This CILT Pack decided to be the Color Run for Opening Campfire. Ellyn hooked us up with some paint and we splattered everyone before taking some laps around Main Field to warm up.

We're so excited that Julia Plant is a CILT this session. I've known her for years but this is the first time I get to be one of her counselors.

You may have noticed there is a new CILT counselor. Because of Mike Jone's injury and upcoming surgery, Andy Balch is going to be a second guy counselor for session 2.

I love when all the cabins gather around flagpole before campfire actually starts. Everyone acts out their  theme and you can see kids and counselors from both villages.

Katie and Colleen are in Choctaw with me and I'm so excited to get to know them better.

Ellen Fazzio and her best friend Maggie are here. The one and only Lilly Fair is here and I am stoked. I love this girl and am so sad that she's all the way up in Lake Village. I'll work to make sure that I still see her a ton.

We've got Sophie and Hallie, Lexie and little Sarah and Olivia Benz is still here for her last week.

The CILT counselors led Dum Dum Da Da, a camp classic, at the end of campfire.

Back in the Longhouse the girls had devotions, some CILT alum came to talk to the whole CILT Pack on the Porch about what to expect and then we finished with CILT initiation. I can already tell this will be an awesome session.

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