Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Do you know what I like about us? We both don't wash our hands."

All camp chapels in the Green Cathedral are one of my favorite things. 

This morning the CILT Pack hiked to the Gish Adventure Outpost. We went over creeks, through the forest, across bridges made of branches, along the river and deep in the mud. 

Scott picked us up to bring us back to camp and we all sang on the bus. Our favorite moment was Kinsella singing, "I WANT CANDY!" as a solo.

During RFAJWD part 2 I got to run into my girls Kaya and Rachel as they traveled between clinics. 

The CILT counselors practiced chapel in the afternoon. I took a quick dip in the pool in my clothes. A huge rainstorm rolled in that lasted for the last of the afternoon so we took cover inside. It was my night off but we made it back in time for devotions in the Party Room. We talked about why camp is so special and wrote letters to our future selves--one of my favorite devotions. 

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