Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Enjoy that mobility while you've got it kids."

The CILT counselors were in charge of chapel this morning in the Riv. We did the Pearl of Great Price and sang so many of our favorite songs. 

While we had one on one conversations with each CILT, the whole group wrote the lyrics for their graduation song. They changed "How To Save A Life" and they'll perform at Closing Campfire tonight.

Before lunch we ran outside for our regular end of the session CILT girl photo shoot in Main Field.

These girls have been awesome in the past two weeks and I don't want them to all go home tomorrow. Two weeks flies (especially when you miss 5 days in the middle).

Tonight's theme was Super Hero and Cartoon Night. 

We made sure all the CILTs were trading at the Trading Post tonight.

We had time to practice the graduation song and take pictures before the horse parade show up.


Oh my gosh. How fun that these girls are legit counselors these days?

We got to do the CILT cheer at campfire...

The Buffalo Men spun a wheel to pick this week's queen. Katrina won!

The World Cup went to Switzerland!

Session 1 2014 CILTs graduated and performed their song. They killed it and were so enthusiastic and loud. They made me proud.

Closing Campfire is my favorite part of the whole week.

We got to surprise the CILTs with ice cream before their final devotion tonight.

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