Monday, June 23, 2014

"Recently I made up a language... because I was bored."

Breakfast this morning was the bomb--breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls and strawberries. We watched the Fleetfoot and Running Deer chapel in the Green Cathedral. Then it was back to the Party Room for the CILT Pack.  We learned names, went over paper work, talked about attributes of a leader and shared our life maps. I love that sharing parts of our life stories immediately opens people up and gives us such a bigger picture of one another. 

Campers Anna and Eliza with cat shirts like me!

Smoon and I were extra twins today. Same name. Same shirt. Two matching friendship bracelets that happened by coincidence.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you, Session 2 2014. They're really fun.


Typical Ellyn and Sar just playing on the cannon.

Rest hour is the best hour everyday. Getting to live in Choctaw with Ellyn is also the best. Especially when she's taking a nap snuggled up with Mo, Jo, Fairbanks and Yoda.

A storm rolled in this afternoon that meant we couldn't go to swim time. Instead I spent the afternoon in the Party Room with five cabins of Brave girls. They played Ship To Shore, Running Charades, Hula Hoop Races and finished with some cabin dances.

The best part of meeting before a night off in the LV is that I get to visit all the LV cabins eating dinner. So many of my favorite Tecumseh kids are here this week as Pathfinders and Warriors. I got to see Hallie, Olivia, Ellen and Lilly Fair. Day Camp staff were all on tonight so I saw Kat and Emily, and wished Grace a happy birthday.

I dined at the Olive Garden with Arielle, Wolfdancer, Ellyn, Natalie and Suzanne which was comical to say the least. We got back to camp relatively early so I could help with CILT Devotions.

We did the leadership devotion tonight and I was so impressed with the group's conversation and ideas. Already I think they listen so well to one another and support each other. I'm excited to see them put in to practice what we've been talking about today.

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