Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Why do we have to leave, we love this place. Camp T's our home where we built our faith and I would have stayed up with you all night if I'd know we'd have to say good bye."

Saturday morning Session 1 woke up one last time at Camp T. Danny did some neck exercises on people during breakfast which was relaxing to experience and entertaining to watch. 

Maeve played some new songs on the keyboard this morning and was absolutely phenomenal. She was accompanied by Josiah and Scotty D and the result was really cool.

I have long standing tradition that's a little bit weird. It started with Noelle Freebeck when she was a CILT and we wanted to make friends with a random Pathfinder that looked fun. We met Bridget Eckrich who became a CILT the next summer. Then Bridget and I befriended Rachel Lombard. The next summer Rachel and I met Ellie Pearl. Then when Ellie was a CILT we picked Natalie Brosious. Last summer Natty and I became friends with Avery Tudor. This morning Avery and I added Rachel Wilson to the line. 7 generations of chapel friends and extraordinary women.

This is one of the most beautiful sights all summer long.

We heard about Enoch this summer and the best costumes ever made a return.

Taylor Fischl won't be here next week and I'm going to miss her consistent smile and friendship. After chapel we headed back to the Longhouse to start saying good bye. I'm so glad Olivia and I became friends during these two weeks. She's fantastic. 

There were significantly more tears this morning than there usually are when CILTs leave. Eyes are red with tears and the hugs were too many to count.

The Brova boys will be missed.

One of my favorite things about being a CILT counselor is how close we can grow to our girls in two weeks. I knew several of them before this session began, like Olivia and Ashely, but have such deeper friendship with them today. They will not be forgotten.

Then there are girls like Maggie that we just met and have grown to love. She is a remarkable young lady and we were so lucky to become friends with her during this session.

Hannah, Sam and Emily Kupres all stopped by the Longhouse porch to visit this morning. They're old CILTs that are all grown up now and doing some pretty awesome things. I love that even though they didn't end up working here, their love for this place hasn't faded at all.

Smoon and I ate, did laundry and wrote parent letters all day long. That's it. It's was incredibly productive but not that fun. It's ok though because that means we'll be able to sleep more next week.

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