Sunday, June 1, 2014

"I eat dog treats because they make my hair so shiny."

Scott Brosman was in charge of chapel this morning and gave a great illustration about our hearts and God's love. He poured water to illustrate God's love onto a rock first, a closed heart, and it just ran off. Then he poured it onto a sponge which soaked it up at first but was easily run out. Lastly he poured it onto a plant. That water will nourish the plant so that it will grow and then spread. We want our hearts to be like that so that we can keep growing with God's love. 

I got to see Bethie one more time before she left at the end of Quilt Camp today. It's strange to not have my family here all summer but I'm thankful they're so supportive and that I still get to see them some.

The CILT Pack gathered to start brainstorming for new CILT activities---oh the big ideas these people can come up with. Then we had to take a break to go try out a team building puzzle in the Oak Forest. We rarely ever get to be participants in activities like this any more because we're always the ones facilitating. It was so fun to have to figure out each new level together.

Once we got back to the rest of the counselors they were done with their session and all hanging out in the sun. I helped Soaps and Brad figure out a four brad friendship bracelet and chatted with Anne, Emily, Jackie, Liz and Ellyn. This time before lunch is always one of my favorite parts of the day.

Lunch today included all of my favorite things-- pizza, table shenannigans like putting 12 water pitchers on one table, and getting the whole room to sing along with multiple Lizzie McGuire songs.

The large part of our afternoon and evening was NATURE DAY!!! We're in the third year of this tradition and I LOVE it. We split the staff into small groups and they venture all over camp with two full time staff members. Luckily Ellyn and I ran into each down by the Tippecanoe River so we could take our daily pic.

Riley and Ellyn practiced trust falls.

I loved being with the Tigers-- Anne, Rachel, Dillon, Maggie and the rest of the group rocked as we hiked up hills and over streams.

The Wright Way was put up on the road to the OT in honor of my parents when they retired. Usually I'm with a whole hoard of people when we pass underneath but today I got to snap a pic with my favorite sign in all of camp. Maybe I could use it as an XXL wooden name tag at some point.

Once our group arrived at Elfenrod it was time to practice fire building so that we'll be prepared to take our cabins on cookouts. Kaitlin and I partnered up and had flames in no times.

We started slicing and peeling vegetables for hobo dinners while Anna and I assembled a tower of peanut and butter jelly sandwiches.

We practiced putting up hammocks--these are a recent improvement to Tecumseh sleep outs and they're pretty awesome. Later this week we'll all sleep out and hopefully the CILTs will be able to snag some.

One of my favorite traditions is to "kidnap" someone during staff training cook outs. Anna, Mags and I went off to look for someone to take when Linsey just came walking down the path towards us. She made it so simple to take her. Once we got back to camp we had Kyle write the ransom note for us.... "To Whom It May Concern, We kidnapped Linsey. If you want her back, you should prove it. She is hungry and we will not feed her. She is locked up on the giant chair. Your worst nightmares."

Ben, the awesome new camera guy, delivered the note for us back to Linsey's group. It only took a minute before they were running towards the Giant Chair.

Our reinforcements got there just as Linsey's group arrived. People were trying to climb up the rungs and through the sides.  IT WAS A BATTLE!

They got Linsey back and we hung onto Molly for awhile cause she's just great. We'd kidnap her too if we were going to keep that up.

We ended our cook out with some s'more nachos, a popular twist on a camp classic.

Arielle, Smoon, Ellyn and I spent the evening at Katrina's with all of the staff ladies and wives of Tecumseh. The Women's Journey is coming up and we got to help make some surprises and practice the skit that we'll all be in. We feel pretty lucky to get to be insider's on this night.

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