Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back home again at Camp T

I got back to the Longhouse just before the CILT girls started devotions on Monday night. I was so excited to see everyone and jump back into life her. We did an activity from Wyld Life camp for devotions and talked about the way we see ourselves versus the way other people see us. 

Tuesday morning all of camp went to the Green Cathedral for chapel which was perfect for me so I could see all of my friends in the same place. I love singing here and experiencing God in a way that's so different than anywhere else. 

Eliza Wilson and a few other older girls are still here this week and I was so happy to see them all again. Today the CILTs shadow Day Camp-- one of the most exciting days of the whole session.

All the CILTs are assigned to a trail group and they jump right in to playing with kids, putting on sun tan lotion, gathering lunches and learning names.  I love walking around all the picnic tables and see so many things going on at once.

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