Saturday, June 7, 2014

And on the 9th day, Joel told the counselors to rest

Highs of the day:

1. Smoon and I slept in till 8:30. It was pretty glorious. You might be thinking that's early, but you would be wrong.

2. We missed breakfast but I still found a donut with chocolate icing, strawberry yogurt and coffee aka the breakfast of champions.

3. Smoon and I moved into the Longhouse, our home away from home and favorite place at Camp T. Our beds are lofted, pictures are hung, quotes are on the bathroom walls and our cat shirts and snap backs are just waiting to be worn.

4. We got Chick-fil-a for lunch on the way to Indy. Yes, every meal will be a high of the day because they were all that great.

5. While skimming through the racks at Goodwill Smoon found a beautiful denim jumper and I found a Sea World sweatshirt covered in dolphins. Jackpot.

6. We drove out to the Devoe's barn in the woods that is close to being finished. The thing is monstrous and could easily fit in at any Young Life camp in the country. My brain is filled with dreams of Clubs, Campaigners, sleep outs, retreats and adventures that will happen here.

7. I forgot to mention that we also found a very creepy special doll at Goodwill that we've named Annabelle. She's going to be part of a CILT Jar task later this summer. I'll keep ya posted.

8. Smoon and I picked up Brookie and Julia to play for the rest of the night. I was having separation anxiety from them already so it was a good thing we'd planned this Fault In Our Stars night weeks ago.

9. We ate dinner at Chipotle because it's amazing and both Julia and Smoon can eat it too. Annabelle got to come in to eat with us which wasn't weird at all...

10. We met camp counselor friends Moose, Alli Kenney, Peanut, Suzanne, Emily Glanders, Erin, Maddie Mahoney, Abby Murin, Molly and Maggie at the theater to watch The Fault In Our Stars. I love when there is a movie that just about everyone wants to go see. This did not disappoint. I loved the book and the movie was fantastic. You can't help but fall in love with Augustus, cry uncontrollably and develop a strong affection for the word 'Okay.' You must go and see it.

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