Monday, June 9, 2014

"It's like a gang sign... but cute."

Move over Jordan, you've got some competition for the Little Teapot song. Stevo brought his A-game to flagpole this morning. 

ATTENTION! BEST BREAKFAST NEWS OF MY LIFE! The fruit bar had GIANT bowls of both strawberries and blueberries this morning. I flipped out and couldn't stop talking about how amazing this was. My fruit and yogurt parfait was the best thing I ate all day long. I sure hope this continues.

Usually Day Camp counselors greet everyone as they walk into chapel but they haven't gotten to camp yet. The CILTs stepped up to be the greeters this morning.

We made some Camp Soup this morning at chapel and sang some old classic songs like All In All and All God's Critters.

The CILT Pack spent the morning in the Party Room learning names, making goals and expectations, going through the binders and the creating and sharing our life maps. It's a low key day but important preparation for the next two weeks. In just a couple hours we get to know so much information about one another.

One of my very favorite parts of the day is playing with kids before lunch. Little freckly Sarah is here this week and just as cute and fun as ever.

Lucy and I are very excited about being at Tecumseh this week.

Everyone was all smiles in our first full day. Partners Alli and Abby are doing great, Molls is happy to take a solo pic, and CILT girls Avery and Kate are so fun.

Our red trays came out with corn dogs, potato chips and baked beans today. It only took a few minutes before all of the Braves and Blazers came in to put flies on the CILTs.

We quickly retaliated by standing on our chairs and chanting, "PARTY ROOM! PARTY ROOM!" until they left.

The CILT Jar is back again for round two! We've pre-determined 27 REALLY FUN things that the CILTs will get to do over the next few weeks. Each week gets a certain numbers of tasks/challenges/themes that we have to accomplish. Here's what this week will include.

Ellyn got a Rugrats shirt in the mail today and freaked out in the middle of Main Field. She has the best reactions to presents.

I got awesome mail today too! A letter from my friend Shannon Flynn, who will be a CILT in Session 3 later this summer, and a letter and drawing from my sister Katie and nephew Lincoln! Arielle was most jealous of Linc's scribbles. 

We took our CILT Pack photo by Ft. Disco with our 40 new best friends. While we waited for the Ben, the official camera man, we took our own themed photos with scenarios.

Annabelle took her rest hour snooze in Smooney's bed. You never know where Annabelle is going to show up.

I headed to the lake with the Braves after rest hour for swim time.

I got to see Julia and Lucy at the same time and Amy from Teton.

My girl Meg was there and Liz got to see Elise.

I randomly got to meet two of Miss Reineke's old students Sam and Sierra. I spent lake time with my CILT Maggie Kroeff and two of her girls. We got to go on the Blobs, the Saturn, the Wet Willie slides and the rope traverse! I headed down to pop stop in the Riv and ran into Maggie and Grace with their cabin.

The Trading Post is the center of activity in the afternoon as each cabin stops by. Somehow Ellyn, Smoon, Arielle and I all ended up there at the same time. We got to compare notes from observations and then go shadow some cabins together. I love getting to work with these three.

We ran into little Mernitz, Ellyn and Arielle's camper from two summers ago.

I got to see Mary Patrick who loves fun hats just as much as me. She's never been in my cabin but we're friends.

We spotted CILTs like Ellie playing with their campers all over Main Field.

I ate dinner with Soaps, Devon and their cabin. We were all excited about the bbq chicken and telling stories about their days. At the Trading Post tonight all the CILTs got their new hats and put them on right away. I got a bomb pop because nothing is more summer than that and found some kids to play with. Kevin is my new brave boy friend of the week and he's pretty awesome. Ellie and Grace are so CILT-tastic.

I ran around the rest of the night visiting different activities. Hula hoop games...

the Blazer cheer...

a mud hike...

rescuing a Warrior girl's shoe from her cabin's roof with Katie Pim and Avery...

and Arapaho and Huron (oldest and youngest boys in camp) friendship bracelet time.

Back in the Longhouse all the girls slowly arrived back home. We hung out in Choctaw telling camper stories, writing love tank notes and eating peanut butter and oreos just like in the Parent Trap. We did a devotion with the boys tonight about modern day leaders and what makes someone worthy of being followed. We looked at the way Jesus lived his life and what he says about being a leader. I love the important conversations that we get to have here.

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