Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Can't you just stay? What if we start a petition?"

Today's Wolf Shirt Wednesday might be the highest camper participation we've ever had. Earlier this year Emily Glander's dad was cleaning out his closet and she grabbed his collection of wolf shirts for me. Now I have plenty of extras to let CILT girls borrow. 

We found our whole RV wolf pack during breakfast--over 25 people. That's got to be a record.

We made the trek up the hill to Kampen for chapel since it was indoors once again. I'm really missing the Green Cathedral at this point. Rarely do we ever get to be at an LV chapel so this morning was a treat.

This summer's DC staff all arrived last night but this morning was the first time I got to see any of them.  We were hugging during chapel songs and I got to sit with a couple of them. I'm so thrilled for them all to be here. Almost all of the staff was a CILT in the past so they're all my old campers and I still love them so much.

The CILTs spent the morning at the TLC. They started with a new ring passing game that they'd never tried before.

Then they broke into three groups for tennis ball transfer. They're a new version of it and it's a lot more difficult than the old metal ring.

Activity number two was the Giant Keypad. Two different groups had to figure out how to get their team across the square successfully.

Lastly we made it to the 12 foot wall. The goal was to get as many people as possible up and over the wall.

Because we were already in Lake we got to stay to eat lunch up there with the Warriors, Pathfinders and DC staff. I got to see Julia Dewolf while we all hung out outside. I love this girl and am so glad that she's here this week.

I got to really talk to the DC staff since it was just quick hugs at chapel. I can't explain how fun it is for me to see all of these people together at once. It's kind of like this at the CILT reunion in December but it's at a whole new level to all be together in the summer.

I didn't really know these girls before they were CILTs last summer but they became some of the main characters of my whole year. I've loved hearing their stories, visiting them in Chicago or Lafayette or playing in Indy, getting countless texts and so many phone calls. They mean more to me than they'll ever know.

One of my favorite things about reuniting is just interacting with these girls face to face again. I love remembering how Sophie talks really fast, Emily gives me the most hugs, Anna and Saaya are so good at jumping into conversations and Taylor is so happy to meet and become friends with everyone.

I loved getting to see the Flynn sisters at the same time. Emma was my camper two summers ago and know I get to know Kate better. I'm so glad that Gianna is on staff and have so much faith in her to do a phenomenal job. 

I love the Wendt girls and how much they love Camp T. I got to see my buddy Mags at lunch which totally made my day. She's one of my favorite people and I love her so much. I'm so proud of her for leading the Pathfinders this summer and leading by example. She's an awesome counselor and her campers are so lucky.

The dining hall was easily more packed than I've ever seen it before with the regular LV kids, CILTs and Day Camp staff there all at once. I found some time to eat, but mostly just switched back and forth between talking to my girls and introducing them to DC staff around us.

I got to say good bye to all the LV HSE kids one more time. This is quite the crew of amazingness.

After rest hour it was time for the river to play 4-team Capture the Flag in Main Field. I got to see Sarah and all the other little kids I had missed all morning.

Playing the game is fun but after going to jail I decided it would be a better use of my time to take fun pictures of the CILTs with their campers and all the counselors being really fun.

Molly made Smoon and I debate whether or not Emergen-C actually works. I think it ended in a tie.

While everyone else headed to the pool, the CILT counselors walked out to Trader Jim's to meet up with Jordan and the DC staff.

We asked each group to come up with a short song describing what the day when CILTs visit should look like. My favorite part was walking around between all the groups to meet new people I hadn't met yet and to see all the counselors I already know.

This Day Camp staff is pretty spectacular and I've got so much faith in them. I can't wait to spend a day shadowing them next week with the CILTs.

I ate dinner with Caroline Skulski and Ellie's cabin tonight as we talked in funny accents the whole time. I saw Audrey and Julia during Trading Post time. I love that they're having so much fun together this week.

I did some more Trading Post time with Arielle and Mike.

Suzanne was on tonight and I got to hang out with her for a little bit. One of the hardest things about being a CILT counselor for me is that I feel like we get to spend such little time with the rest of the staff. So often we're doing our own thing and we miss out on the friendships with all the counselors.

Ellyn and I took our daily pic with our main man of the week, Kevin. He's so cool.

Grace told me funny stories about her brother and I convinced her to try a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Erin was being amazingly ridiculous with her campers. It's so easy to see how much they love spending time with her.

SAD NEWS: Tonight I discovered this tree in my old back yard got completely uprooted. I'm not sure how it happened but I feel really sad about it for my house.

Wolfdancer gave Arielle, Ellyn and I a ride up to the LV so we could shadow some Warrior CILTs. Ellyn made us laugh the whole golf cart ride there.

I found the friendship bracelets that Lexie Parrott made for the statue of the woman with the bison. I hope they stay on there all summer. Back in the Longhouse, Arielle and Ellyn found a new spot for Annabelle on Smooney's fan.

Once Smoon got back we went up to the TLC to visit all of the Day Camp counselors who had finished training for the night. We love these girls so much and it was so fun to get to just hang out with them. I wish that they could be here all summer long instead of just for a couple weeks.

We made it back to the Longhouse in time for devotions. Tonight we did the Rock Devotion, one I've been doing with CILT girls since I first started being a counselor in this program. I love this night because we get to have an open dialogue about things that really matter to us in a genuine and honest way. This night also sets up 1 on 1 conversations between campers and counselors that will continue in the session.

Tomorrow morning I'm waking up early and driving back to Indy to leave for Wyld Life camp with my HSE kids. I'm so excited to get to be a counselor for a cabin of eleven 7th grade girls and now that it will be an amazing five days. I'm praying that God will bless this trip and that he will do work in our hearts and our lives.

At the same time, it's so hard for me to leave this group of CILTs and my Choctaw girls. I hate that I have to be away for five days and feel like I'm missing out on shared experiences and conversations. I want them to have the best experience possible and have total faith in Mike, Smooney and Arielle to carry on without me. I can't wait to get daily updates about the CILT Pack. I'll be back to Tecumseh on Monday night, ready for their last week.

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