Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Wanna hear the story of how Dan Wetzel proposed to me?"

Jackie and Tucker played guitar in chapel this morning and did a fantastic job. This was Jackie's first time and Tucker's second but they played up there like pros.

They did the Cracked Pot skit this morning which is one of my favorite. Molly, the cracked pot, could never carry back as much water as Jackie. She thought it was a weakness and made her less valuable. But Malachi, the water carrier, showed her that when she leaked water she was actually watering all of the flowers on her side of the path. God can use our weaknesses in beautiful ways that we never expect.

It was an all camp chapel morning so I got to see Hallie, Lexie and Lilly on their way out. Lilly and I traded snapback hats for the morning so I got to wear her parrot one.

We walked up to The Leadership Center to do team building with Neal, Christine and Noah. First they got to try passing the ring.

Next they were split into groups to try Tennis Ball Transfer.

All the groups combined for the final challenge-- the 12 foot wall. The CILT counselors started at the top of the wall to get a birds eye view before too many kids climbed up.

Of course Arielle immediately started working out.

The cheerleaders taught everyone how to lift before they started sending people up.

Peter went up the wall last with no lifters at the bottom. He ran and jumped up to grap Tyler's hand so he could be pulled up.

Mass celebration followed.

The CILT counselors felt so confident about how this group has lifted everyone and worked together that we had them lift the four of us up the wall too.

 40 campers. 4 counselors. 1 hour. Very impressive.

When we spend the morning at the TLC we get to eat lunch in Lake Village.

So many of the girls that were in my cabin when they were little and kids that I became friends with over the years are all Warriors and Pathfinders this week. I was so happy to see Ellen, Lexie, Lilly, Sophie, Hallie, Ava, Riley and Devon this afternoon.

These are girls that LOVE Camp Tecumseh and think that being here is the greatest thing in the world. They make this place more fun and they're the kind of kids that you want to play with all day long. They're rock stars.

Annie Fazzio isn't working at camp this summer but we miss her here every single day. Ellen, her little sister, and Lilly, one of Annie's old campers, are both here this week and we're so glad that they're friends. If only Annie could be in this picture with the three of us it would be perfect.

We did the CILT cheer for the first time during lunch today.  It was a hit for sure.

My favorite person to see in Lake Village is always Maggie. What a girl. She's the best.

Smoon and I have been working hard on our new Lake House on the Richard G. It's going to be so relaxing to kick back and relax on the porch.... Actually Smooney and I aren't building it-- some construction guys are. And it's not our new lake house, it's a new boat house for all the life jackets, paddles and other lake supplies.

Smoon and I tried out the paddle boards and stayed on most of the time. We went of the rope swing and interviewed all the kids in line around us about Camp Tecumseh. They gave us a lot of valuable information like Opening Campfire is the best because no one is sad, baked oatmeal is the best meal, and you should be a counselor for Blazers or Pathfinders.

Being on Thursday nights is one of my favorite things because it's the cookout in Main Field. I played with Erin O'Awesome's cabin for awhile.

I saw CILTs doing some great things with their campers and I got to play with Jessica for awhile.

Quentin and John told Arielle and I about a Zombie video game they created in their minds where you can earn rainbow staffs and the only goal is to survive.

Arielle and I wanted to take a picture together and then she went and took a bite of chaco taco. What a snatcher.

Tonight the CILT Pack played together after Trading Post finished. First we all played Dominican Chaos...

We had a small photo shoot while we waited for everyone to get back from our bathroom break.

Then I taught them to play a game called Ultimate Challenge that my sister learned on a mission trip in Mexico.

We played Family inside and tried to figure out the identities of Elsa, Reggie Miller, Shakira, Mulan, the Boogie Man, Michael Jordan and Augustus Waters.

We finished the night with

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