Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Dad! It's not even a milkshake! It's ice-cream in a cup!"

Twas a really, really great weekend. I tell ya what-- some of the best people I know live in Indy and I'm the luckiest to get to live life with all of them. 

A handful of cross country gal pals invited me to come to their practice Friday after school. First we ran laps around the school and I was with my homie Claire. After pushing through in the heat, everyone went inside to do yoga in the auditeria. One of the runner's moms is a yoga instructor who has volunteered to come teach every Friday. 

Ellyn and I had a Mellow Mushroom dinner date planned. She showed up with Frosty appetizers which were ONLY 50 CENTS EACH! We were finishing up dinner when I realized that HSE was playing Carmel at Carmel tonight. Because we showed up after halftime we got into the game FOR FREE and then found friends on both sides of the field. 

Lives overlapped with Jayla, Clarence, Caroline, Linnea, Liz, Seniors in the front row, Sydni and Shub cheering, the Vigrens, Wash, JP and Meric...

Conner and Jess Bradley, Darby Roberts, Carly Colbert...

Pitz on the field, Molly Neterer from afar, Drew, Allie Van, Kaya, Ellie Avagian and her gang. So many friends in one night. Also, check out Ellyn's current fav song.

Saturday morning our Wyld Life and Young Life leaders congregated at the Barn for our monthly leadership meeting. These people are the greatest. There were 20-something of us gathered together for breakfast, talks about contact work and summer, Ant Tag and testimonies in small groups. I love my Party People-- Kaylee, Cassidy, Liz, Kegley and Hools (not pictured) who are the Wyld Life HS leaders I'll be mentoring this year. I'm so thankful for their hearts and that they're saying yes to jumping in and serving in this ministry.

Big Girl Mags and I took on the State Fair for the second year in a row. We know that the main event of the year is the food. Mozzarella sticks, milkshakes, grilled cheese, fried pickles, lemon shake up...

I ran into Hannah and Riley Rapp and then Camp T rock star Kendall-- three of the greatest people around. People watching the rest of the people at the fair was a highlight of the night as well.

Sunday morning I got to have a church and lunch date with Hools and Kaylee. After getting so close on Wilderness this summer we can't wait to keep hanging out and living life together this year. These two both have such huge hearts and so much potential. I'm excited for them to make the most of their Senior year of HS. I'm so lucky to have a front row seat to all of that.

We're doing something new in Wyld Life-- once a month our leader family is getting together for a Birthday Party. Tonight we celebrated Hannah and Allison, the August birthdays, with cake, ice-cream, birthday journals of love, a game of Family, a devotion together and then a little paint-on-the-face video to promo the Paint War next week.

Because we're part of this group of mission and vision we get to live this life of fun, adventure, whimsy, community and joy. It's a seriously beautiful thing.

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