Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Is that lady the one who made up Wyld Life? Is she the creator of it? Does she know she spelled Wyld wrong?"

We don't call it Wyld Life for nothing. Our first kick off event of the year for 7th and 8th graders was Wyld-- and that's putting it mildly. 

HS leaders greeted kids with signs, name tags and a whole lot of enthusiasm. At the same time, adult leaders swarmed cars to greet parents with a smile, give them information and a schedule for the year and to get their contact information so we can keep them in the loop.

Soon enough well over 100 Junior High kids were gathered in Brooks School Park. Our 8th graders were ecstatic to be back with leaders and ready for the fun that the night would surely bring. Many of the 7th graders had no idea what was about to happen but they were still pumped. Junior High kids definitely don't lack energy or enthusiasm.

KCraig, our fearless leader, welcomed all of the kids to this totally awesome thing called Wyld Life. She's seriously the greatest. We couldn't do this without her. I'm so impressed with how she continually changes and improves this program as she runs into her third year as Wyld Life director. She was made for this. 

We played Hot Potato with bottles of paint-- if it stops on you, you get squirted.

Next 4 kids buzzed in to Name That Song by squirting paint on their leader's head. Talk about amazing.

5 brave HS leaders stepped up to the plate to be painted head to toe by kids. It would only take a few showers when they got back home to get it all off. Ellyn assured us that all of the paint was non-toxic.

With 20 teams in a relay, kids raced one at a time to grab change from a paint filled bucket to take back to their leader.

And when we needed a last minute distraction, Ellyn jumped in with her OE and Summer Camp experience like a boss. I can't explain how pumped I am to have her as a Wyld Life leader this year. Choctaw power lives on.

KCraig shared the Club Talk tonight. This small army of kids listened to her share this good new,
"I think so many of us are waiting to be found, and it so reminds of Zaccheus sitting in the tree, in many ways playing Kick the Can with Jesus.  He knew Jesus was coming.  He wanted to be found.  He climbs up a tree to see him (How many adults do you know that climb trees?  That must have been hysterical and awesome!).  And I love the part where Jesus stops and CALLS HIS NAME!  I just imagine Zaccheus' face!   AHHHH!  What I love more is that everyone HATES this guy.  He is the town villain, and he has had enough of where his life has taken him.  I wonder if he was thinking, "I hope he sees me.  I wonder if he'll see me.  I just have to get a glimpse of this guy Jesus."  IT IS AWESOME.  I wonder of Zaccheus almost peed his pants like I did when I was hiding, waiting to be found.

The cool thing about Kick the Can is that when you're found, you become a part of the team, and you have a purpose- protect the can.  I love that when Jesus found Zaccheus, he became a part of Jesus' team and was given a purpose.  Jesus didn't want his life to be spent looking from treetops, but wanted Zaccheus to be a part of this adventure in new exciting ways.  And I think that's what he wants from us.

I think about kids looking from treetops at Jesus wondering.  When I think about Zaccheus' story and so many others, I want kids to know: He knows your name. He wants you on his team.He wants to give you purpose.
It's beautiful, simple and complex.  It's the Gospel. It's the best news ever."

And then it was the moment they'd all been waiting for-- PAINT WAR!!!

100 bottles of paint was splattered, smeared, thrown and wiped on all of these kids' faces, shirts and hair. Beautiful, rainbow, colored chaos.

This is going to be a very, very good year. 

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