Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Every time I go into my Chase account on my phone I want to type my username as livesoverlap! Every time. I have no idea why."

We're back to #tecumsehtuesdays my friends-- a whole day of the week dedicated to the best place on Earth. Once upon a summer I got to live, laugh and dance with these best friends for 7 straight weeks. A whole CILT year overlapping with Arie, Smoon and Ellyn was essentially the dream. I'm so thankful that Smoon and Arie quickly became best friends, that we could pool so many collective years of experience and that we've all continued to show up in each other's lives. It was a summer of spitting water on friends, meetings in the secret room, Arie's Graze snacks, best friend necklaces, devotions together, laughing till we cried, working out everywhere and just genuinely being best friends.

Back to school = Back to the friendship braceleting addiction

Summer '17, I'm getting ready for ya. I'm starting the year off with a bracelet of every pattern. But there's one duplicate-- can you find it?

The Halkyard's, one of my second families, invited me over tonight for the traditional "Sar is coming over" dinner-- pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled chicken. Maddie, Jack, Mel and Todd are the best of the best. I loved getting so much time to just talk and catch up with all of them tonight.

Ellyn unearthed this Session 3 Choctaw selfie today. Remember these gal pals? Quite the crew. I miss all of you, your obsession with side ponys, breakfasts at our table, staying up way too late and the grand finale of CILTs 2k16.

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