Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"My name is Caroline. I'm all about Disney and corgis. The evidence is I follow 10 corgis on Instagram."

When I started as a CILT counselor I was still at Hope College in MI. I lived far away from any camp friends or campers so reunions were a rarity. Here in Indianapolis, dozens of camp friends live nearby and I don't take that for granted. Tonight CILTs from this past summer got together for the first time for a Chipotle party. We had representatives from Sessions 1 and 3-- next time we're looking at you to come hang with us Session 2! 

Everyone is ready to jump back into school or just did in the past few days. We're figuring out how to get back into the homework routine and getting to know our new teachers. Our time together at camp was meant to prepare us to go back to the real world and take everything we learned with us. These kids are ready to be leaders of faith, leaders who collaborate, leaders who act with servant hearts and leaders who are aware of their personalities, weaknesses and strengths. I've got so much faith in them and all they're capable of doing.

"This lettuce is too long. It's called Ease of Transport. I feel like a gerbil."
"My cat's name is sandwich. I named him when I was 4."

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