Sunday, August 7, 2016

"You've got what it takes. But it will take everything you've got."

I'm officially back in Fishers, IN for the year. I've unpacked from Tecumseh and tomorrow I'll be back in my classroom at the Clubhouse. So of course after church today I had a reunion with my fav gals from Gray Wolf cabin (and we were missing Haleigh, Emma, Kaylee and JP).

Next we had a Wyld Life leader call out meeting at KCraig's house for this new school year. I'm thrilled about the friends who are coming back and the ones that will be joining our team for the first time. We don't want to be complacent but just keep getting better year after year to serve our kids better and point them to Christ. I love being part of this community. 

The Gray Wolf gang reunited once again tonight at the Amazing Race. One of HSE Young Life's traditions, we kick off the school year with a fundraising race through Hamilton Proper that has kids doing crazy challenges along the way. 

I love that this event always falls on my first full day back in Fishers. Before jumping into school I get to reunite with so many YL and Wyld Life friends that I've missed this summer.

The race is all kinds of awesome chaos.

The leaders had a station of shaving cream Twister-- it was a bit slippery.

I can hardly believe that it's really the end of the summer... Good thing the adventures won't be stopping anytime soon.

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