Friday, August 12, 2016

"I love flags. It's like a piece of fabric on a stick. It's so much joy."

Here's the thing about Camp Tecumseh-- I've got years upon years of memories here. I love Choctaw, the Green Cathedral, the Pine Forest, the Longhouse Porch, the Party Room and Closing Campfire with a passion. But this place is special because of the people that are here. 

As soon as the bell rang at the end of the day at school I was out the door and on my way back to West Tecumseh Bend Road. My people have been here all week and a big part of my heart and my mind have been here with them. Erin O'Awesome finally got to be here for a week and Annie finished out her first full summer.

I reunited with Shosho stayovers Kelly, Grace and met the new additions to their week 9 cabin.

I was so happy to see my gal pals Erin and Lauren-- they've been here for a total of 5 weeks now and I couldn't wait to hear the stories of their most recent adventures. They've got gold medals, a new combo of counselors and more friends. They've been living the dream.

It was sweet that there were so many stay-overs to week 9 because I got to see these kids one more time. Charlotte, Katie, Erin and Kendall are the coolest. I'm such a fan of them.

I was beyond pumped to see Mary Cate and Sally. Ellyn and I were their counselors in Choctaw a few summers ago and we love reuniting each year. These two have so much spunk, enthusiasm and love for this place.

The best part of being back year after year is having so many alumni campers-- Gracie, Mary Cate, Sally, Fiona, Liza and Abby are the bees knees. I'm so confident that some of these girls will be on staff one day.

You know that I couldn't wait to reunite with my favorite partner in crime. It's just Ellyn and I over here, casually running the world... And guess what?! Ellyn will be in Indy all year so the shenanigans will continue.

Tomorrow the kids will all check out and the counselors will clean and pack up summer camp. When I go back to Indy to teach it'll be for good this time. But if the most special part of camp is the people then it's also true that those relationships and friendships don't end when we drive out of Brookston. Conversations will keep going, letters will be written, reunions will be planned and we'll keep being part of one another's lives. These people are way too special to lose touch with.

Thank you Camp T for one of the best summers ever-- I love this place more than anywhere else in the world. Thank you for the thousands of people's lives you've impacted, the way you bring us closer to the God who loves us and giving us friends that will stick with us the rest of our lives.

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