Monday, August 1, 2016


Highs of the day:
Having friends in all 3 of my clinics
Matching YL frockets with Ellyn
Teaching FAB the hardcore, tape harness and triangle pattern
Lunch walk with Alice and hearing all about her camp in Hawaii
I freaking love the Shoshone Gang
Dinner in a completely empty dining room
Zipline Party with Shoshone and Paiute
Making the Lake Ladies Journey cheer be a mosh pit
Night Swim with all my Pathfinder Pals
Friendship Credo devotion with Ellyn
Actually going to sleep right after I read to the girls

They carried nervous expectations--the whispers and stories and rumors from the girls who went last year. Hopes that this trip would be different, eye-opening, life-changing.

They carried packs-- 40 lb canvas packs that they couldn't life to their shoulders without pack love, buckled around their waist with a thick padded belt. Inside they carried one change of clothes for Day 4. A stocking camp, gloves, fleece Patagonia and fleece pants to sleep in. They carried a raincoat to throw on when the hail started to fall. They clipped on a pair of Chacos to wear at the end of the day instead of their heavy hiking boots. They carried three pairs of socks-- two for hiking and one pair of princess socks that stayed dry in the bottom of their sleeping bag.

They each carried a community item. Kaelyn and Erin each had a tarp. Hannah, Sar and Hools carried pots, pans and lids. Kaylee carried the shovel to dig the biff that they'd all poop in. Allison carried the iodine for the water in their Nalgenes and the lighter fluid to cook dinner. Cassidy carried the shakes and poles for the tents.

Everyone carried one of the meals that they'd all share sitting in the Crazy Creeks in a circle during the next six days. The bags held cans of shredded chicken for fettucine or chicken tacos, boxes of mac and cheese, rainbow sprinkles for the biscuit crumble. Their bags got so cold each night that the food they carried in plastic containers wouldn't spoil-- cheese for mashpot, butter for the spiced rolls and cream cheese on the bagels. Everyone wanted their meal to be eaten first so they could stop carrying the extra weight.

Hannah Novelli and Alaina Hamlett, our guides, carried extra things. A french press and grounds for sleeping bag coffee before all the girls woke up, party hats and candles for Genna's bday, unicorn shirts to twin, candy and Oreos we ate while all the girls did quiet time, red lipstick for when we got back to camp, a topographical map to guid us to Goose Lake and Capri Suns so we could do toasts when we reached the top. Hannah and Alaina were the ones who carried experience and training, supplies for blister car, wisdom in life stories, decisiveness on the cliffs and a passion for The Lord that we'd never seen before. 

We carried questions for life stories and left behind our struggles. We carried each other and carried prayers. We carried the hope that we'd actually survive and pride when we found out how far we'd made it. We carried scratches and bruises from traversing the mountain and walking between the willows. We carried sweat all day and shivers at night. We carried stronger friendships that got better we each step, each story, each day together in the Wilderness.  

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