Monday, August 15, 2016

"It's in the 80's because they're riding bikes-- wait, kids still ride bikes. Well, it's in the 80's because they eat out of lunch boxes. Shoot. They still do that too."

Mondays are back. Leadership in the Upper Room with quite the crew of leaders. Kids rolling in at 7:32 for the best night of the week. 

We've got friendships like the one between Isaiah and Beesley-- unintentional matching, hugs when you walk in the door and someone always there for you. 

I'm thrilled about the newest additions to the YL family-- my Tecumseh girl Anna Morgan (the Lord!) and her friends Ashlynn and Mary who all came for the first time tonight. 

We've got a whole crew of freshmen-- kids that we've been walking life with for the past two years. They're ready to take this step not only into the HS but to HS Young Life with our family. They're full of energy and spunk and I'm thrilled that they're still choosing to do this with us.

Nothing says party quite like a PIZZA PARTY! A whole 20 pizzas for this camp reunion tonight.

We've got leaders and kids from cabins at Timber Wolf Lake reuniting. The bonds formed at camp are some of the most special.

And that Wilderness reunion? Don't worry, Cass and I are here to represent the rest of our hiking friends. Didn't even plan our matching scrunchies... it's kind of just our thing.

Oh holy I'm so excited about this friendship and all that this year holds-- leading Wyld Life together, Pits Work Crew in a couple weeks, crafting and adventuring to the extreme.

And how bout Gray Wolf? Anna Cooke, Shub, Kaylee and I were so happy to be together tonight. I love these girls (and the rest of our crew) and love that we all get to live life together this year. Haleigh moved into her dorm room at IU today and it's so weird that I won't get to see her all the time anymore. She will be very missed.

p.s. I held this dog. It was adorable. This is far, far from my comfort level. Also-- I'm now campaigning for Bring Your Pet To Club Club. I'll probably regret it and spend the whole night cowering from the sidelines, but it'll definitely be a memorable one.

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  1. Is there any way I can have a copy of Isaiah and his fan club? That is a perfect pic for Senior year and I want to remember his shoes. The ones that I can not get him to stop wearing with EVERYTHING.