Thursday, August 18, 2016

"I'm very disappointed that my many fabulous quotes didn't make the blog title."

Greetings from Fishers, IN where I'm back being a sporter at all your favorite sports games while the sport people play sports to win the thing. Today I had the privilege of attending not one, but TWO sports games. I was there to cheer on the athletes but spent the most time with the other spectators.

Dear Fudge, Cass, Hools, Genna, Sophia and Kegley,
Thanks for hanging out in the spectator seats with me. I love that you're showing up for your friends and your siblings to cheer them on. Supporting others, encouraging them, is one of the greatest things that you can do with your time. I'm so thankful that I know all of you. 

Dear Runners, Cheerleaders and Football Players,
Holy cow. You all are awesome. Way to sweat it out in the heat and humidity today. I'm so impressed with all of your hard-work, enthusiasm and teamwork. Tonight was the first of many meets and season you will have this year and I'm so excited for all the potential to come. Good lucky my friends-- your training, commitment and energy will pay off. 

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