Monday, March 13, 2017

"All of this is just being thrown at you at once. It's scary. If a bunch of bunnies were being thrown at you at once it would be scary."

THREE DAY Weekend Update:

Taco & Burrito Place Round 5 was the largest party yet: Cass, Ellie, Ava, Smelko, Abby and Tony

Notre Dame, ft the Golden Dome, with boyfriend Justin and the Croyts' family

Meet my new best friends Zeke...

and Sophia...

Besides going inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, playing tag on the basketball court and lighting a candle at the Grotto, the highlight had to be cheering on the Irish at a Notre Dame hockey game.

Our road trip back to Indy took us on a bit of a detour to Camp Tecumseh. We explored all of our favorite camp spots, from the Gish all the way to the Green Cathedral, before stopping to hang out and eat dinner with the Elliott family.

Monday is a day off because of flex days so I got to party with Erin and Cass. We almost went to the General American Donut Company but they were closed so we found the Dancing Donut instead. You guys--- you need to go here.

Gold Medal Donuts: Mariah Berry and Brown Butter Crumble

In case you haven't heard, slime is all the rage in Junior High these days. Kids have Slime Instagram accounts selling the goop to their friends. It's a big deal. In an effort to embrace fads, we're going to use some slime at our Wyld Life Lock In. One of our leaders is going to make 12 batches of the stuff with her girls so I went shopping for supplies today...  

Proof that Slime is taking over the world...

The Shack book has been turned into a movie and the YL fam went to watch it together tonight.

This is a movie I think everyone should see-- it'll stretch your understanding of the trinity, touch your heart and make you see a relationship with God in a whole new way.

 Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I dropped my phone in the toilet at Target today. Ran immediately to the rice aisle, opened up a box and submerged my phone as fast as I could. I almost peed my pants."

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