Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Just go do things and make friends."

Do you have certain routines in your week that remind you that it's a certain day of the week? For me that looks like Young Life on Monday night, #tecumsehtuesday posts filling my Tuesday Insta feed, Wilderness girls Wednesday mornings, FBC after school Thursdays and teachers wearing jeans on Friday. I threw that predictable schedule off the rails this week when we moved the Wilderness girls to Tuesday instead (we're working on a love bomb of sorts and had to gather all the fun stuff). And on this magical Tuesday we filled every single seat at our table-- this is what dreams are made of. 

My love for reading has been rekindled this year and I just can't get enough of good words and good stories. Today I love these words from Belong. If you like to be in control of things, maybe they'll resonate with you too.

Tonight was an epic Tecumseh reunion with Indy girls. We don't take advantage of living so close together very often, but when we do I'm reminded of how much I love these people and how our history together was so profound. It would be hard to ever forget... 
BSC backpack potholders with Kathleen, 
Country Cookin' Kristyn in her overalls, 
the way Mary Brody expertly zeroed in on the kids who were off to the side and needed a friend, 
Ellyn's dance moves for My Lighthouse that took Camp T by storm, 
Arie's drama skits (like the Raccoon Night Before Christmas, the Elf inspired search for the Respect Bead or the Mean Girl's Golden Toilet conclusion) that will go down in history, 
BRUNNER RUNNER RUNNER's ability to befriend every single Blazer and Brave boy she met by playing tag with them or teaching them in soccer clinic,
Shelby's laugh while playing with puppets,
and Molly Henry's strength of integrating Taylor Swift into every activity ever. 

Look at this wall. Don't you just want to be friends with someone who has a wall like this? This person will also gladly make you a mug of pour over coffee, play Dixie Chicks in your car, put you on her Insta story with a boomerang, pray for you or just be with you and listen to your story. Katie Smelko is a winner in all the ways that matter most. I'm thankful for time with her tonight.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"Sometimes I think if I make eye contact with the person it'll make my eavesdropping less obvious."
"I've been doing this thing where I convince myself I don't have any homework. I don't know, it's not sustainable. It's got to change."

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