Sunday, March 5, 2017

"I for sure had her as a counselor. But it was a long time ago and I was a disaster-- I cried every day."

This weekend consisted of all the things...

Road trip to West Lafayette with Ellyn so we could meet Kayla for dinner at Chipotle...

and then see Abby and Aleah, Session 1 CILTs, as Bird Girls in Seussical the Musical. We also ran into camp friends Lauren and Evan Johnson, Jen and Josh Sanson, Jake Millsaps and Riley Kastens. 

I spent Saturday morning by myself which was glorious-- I should always plan some alone time and make sure that resting is actually part of the weekend. I got coffee, cut string, watched The Joy Luck Club and did laundry.

Taco & Burrito Place Round #4 with Hools, Lucy and Mall. Once again, it was a culinary delight from the chorizo taco to the fresh guacamole. I don't think I could ever have a bad time with these three rock stars.

I went with Hools and Maddie to see Before I Fall. It's a semi-recent YA book that I read a few years ago. The main character relives the same day 13 times and I couldn't wait to see how they would adapt it to film . Crazy movie-- not sure how I feel about it.

PIZZA PARTY AT ARNI'S! I met up with Hannah Rapp, Smelko, Katie Evans and Maggie for dinner on Saturday. These girls are some of the greats and the friends that I want to be intentional about seeing on a regular basis.

HSE and Carmel battled in boys' basketball for the Sectional Championship so of course Smelko and I showed up. We were the real champs because we didn't have to pay since we didn't get their till the 4th quarter and then we got VIP seating with the Myers family. Carmel won (go Mike Pitz!) and I got to see Ellie cheer, but I was sad to see the HSE gang so disappointed.

Sunday morning I went to church at Northview with Gidget, Fudge and Wash. We all go to church nearly every week but it was fun to go together this time. Then we topped it all off with sprinkle pancakes and they each competed in the 'Merica magnet puzzle race.

Ellyn and I had Ellen Baker in Choctaw a couple summers ago and we've been pen-pals ever since. We met up in Indy for the first time Sunday night for a Chipotle party. Katie, Ellen's best friend, came too and we found out we have so many connections. Plus, everyone got a "portrait" photo...

I'm so thankful for Tecumseh friendships that last all year round. Ellen and Katie are busy spreading their positivity, silliness, kindness, joy and fun every single day. They are some of the greats.

I hope that you're weekend was full of "all the things" too and that you're ready to make this next week a great one. Life's too short to not try to make each day a party.

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