Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"But... this is our family." "Yes, but no. They're not."

Erin's the genius behind Senior Assassins. Abby is ready take first place. Cassidy is about to roll out her wolf shirt sales. And every Wednesday morning we gather together around this long table to read the Bible, share highs and lows and pray together. This time is so, so sweet. I'm so thankful we made this a priority this year. 

Most accounts I follow on Instagram are of people I actually know, but there are a handful of other accounts that just bring me joy. A friend recently told me to start following The Gray Gang. They're a family of beautiful, genuine chaos and I love it. Today this post about their daughter Odessa made me hope I'll have a daughter like this one day. 

IT'S KATHRYN'S BIRTHDAY!!!! We had a celebration at Wyld Life tonight and ate her chocolate birthday cake Big Cookie style with everyone diving in at once. This friend adds so much value, faith, wisdom, laughter, compassion, inclusivity, prayer, positivity and realness to our family. We would not be the same without her. 

Tonight's topic of conversation: Friendship. What value do friends add to our lives, what qualities are most important, what does Jesus teach us about being a friend? We dove into a conversation about Love Languages too-- a favorite of Hools' and mine-- and learned more about how to love and be loved. 

100% of the time...

Be someone you can be proud of. Be the best version of you. Be the person God made you to be.

Less Stuff. Amen.

In case you've been wondering, I'm still going strong on my no Diet Coke challenge over here on Day 4. The only side effect so far-- I couldn't peel my orange in one peel both Monday AND Tuesday. I ALWAYS peel it in one peel. This unexpected side effect was embarrassing to say the least. I'm happy to report that today I'm back to my normal orange peeling skills.

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