Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"So how many times a day do you take that? Is it a capsule? Liquid gel? Chewable?"

What's better than a trip to Target? Running into Cass and Erin when you're in the middle of Target. 

Taylor Fischl's #tecumsehtuesday letter to her future campers really got me this morning-- I can't wait for another summer with the CILTies. 

It's really wordy and makes my brain hurt a little, but there are some solid truths in Beauty Will Save The World. I love this idea:

Yes, yes, yes to vulnerability. Bring on Human Barometer and heart to hearts. 

Wednesday was 'Merica day at the Clubhouse. I asked friends their 3 favorite places in the US besides where they live...
Smelko- Wilderness Ranch, Fort Worth & Holland
Yashi- DC, NYC, wherever the mac & cheese is
Mallory- Camp Harvest, Camp Harvest & Camp Harvest
Grace- Dale Hollow, my Grandma's & Lake Cumberland
Ellyn- Wherever Jarn is, Mellow Mushroom & Camp Tecumseh
Brynn- Denver, Camp Lakeview & Destin, FL
Makana- Disney World, Hilton Head & my Grandma and Grandpa's house
Kaylin- Disney World, Hilton Head & the Ohio River

Amen. Let's all learn from the mountains.

Wyld Life took to the woods tonight. Summer camp games in the yard, basketball and crafts in the barn, a hike on the trail-- just time with our friends before Spring Break.

I just went on a triangle spree because they're cute and are like friendship bracelet confetti and I tried to use every possible color combination. But look how cool it is when they're lined up like this so they're making squares with their neighbors. 

BOOMERANG PARTY EVERYWHERE-- with a streamer ribbon dancer at school, early morning pancakes and getting steps with the girlies.

For today, remember this. It's the most true thing I've ever heard about you.

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