Monday, March 20, 2017

"I want to start off by saying that I found the pretzel stick you all just shared on the ground over there."

"Community is more than just fitting someone into your schedule." Every Monday night I'm reminded of that truth as friends and leaders show up at the barn, hug it out, sit in circles together and share truth about life and faith. This is how we're meant to live. 

Tonight Anna Morgan was speaking my love language. She gifted me this free burrito card from Chipotle-- if that's not sacrificial love, I don't know what is. 

This my friend and yours, Cassidy Ogan. She wins the picture game every. single. time. Honestly, I know of no one else that can steal the show with a facial expression, odd lean or hand placement like she can. Today, and all the days, make sure to take a second and spot Cass in pictures. I promise it will make your life richer.

My heart grew two sizes when all 9 of these friends showed up at Campaigners to hang out tonight. Seniors + Cass. They're my people.

"Oh, there are 10 of you-- that's perfect!" Ryan, formally of the Straight No Chaser acappella group, told us after we asked him to put is in position for the picture. Next time we'll borrow some of his shiny suits.

We've got 8(?) weeks left together (plus 44 more weeks for Cass) and I don't want to take it for granted. These girls are bursting with potential and life and heart and I'm so proud of them.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"40 is so old but 30 is so young. It's hard."
"I'm taking him to Taco & Burrito place tomorrow night. It's a movement."

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