Thursday, March 2, 2017

"My friend works at Starbucks and she made me something fancy and it's like Tinker Bell pee. That sounds gross but it's so good. It's like magic. It makes my heart sparkle."

Highs of the Day:
1. Talking to my mom on the phone
2. Dinner date with Emily, baby Jojo and Rachie
3. New string so the braceleting never has to stop
4. Finishing The Treatment at the library and stocking up on new books
5. Kids bringing me money for Pennies for Patients without me even prompting them anymore
6. Chill time with the FBC gang-- National FBC Day next Thursday!!!!

Top 10 People I'd Like To Hang Out With All At Once:
1. Fitzie
2. Smelko
3. Maggie Shadid
4. Caroline Short
5. Haleigh Devoe
6. KCraig
7. Smooney
8. Cassidy Ogan
9. Alaina & Hannah
10. Fre & Hanna

Top 10 Ordinary Things I Get Really Excited About:
1. When Oprah says, "Chips! I love chips! I eat chips every day!" in her new commercial
2. Taco triangles or cheese crunchers in the school lunch
3. Sending mail
4. Passing period
5. When you accidentally twin with someone
6. Podcasts (especially On The Frontier, Young House Love Has A Podcast and Happier)
7. Pepperoni Pizza
8. Finding connections with total strangers
9. Sleeping in without an alarm
10. Anything that has to do with camp

"When I'm asked to speak about leadership, or recognize qualities of leadership, the longer I live, the more I find myself talking about modesty, love and forgiveness." -Dan Rather

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