Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Miss Wright, this is like, your day." National FBC Day 2017

It's one of the most magical days of the year: National FBC Day! 

Before first period, Payton showed up in my classroom with a note and a friendship bracelet for me! She is someone that always says hi to me in the hall and makes me smile every single day. 

6 gal pals who regularly attend FBC found bracelet surprises in their lockers this morning. 

I went back and did some Varsity FBC research and discovered there are 3 girls who have donated a bracelet to every single Varsity Project we've done this school year. I mailed them each a thank you note and a bracelet to celebrate. 

My students are working on a Starbucks inspired project this week which involves decorating a paper plate. I ran out of plates in 6th period just as I learned my girl Mallory had just been dropped off from an appointment-- which meant at least one of her parents was close by. I sent a panicked text to Johnna, "SOS-- I need 30 paper plates ASAP."

And before 6th period finished, both Johnna and Brad showed up in my classroom with paper plates AND a vanilla latte. These people are saints. They were in my room for less than a minute when Hey Neighbor said, "It seems like you two have a really healthy relationship." Johnna looked right at him and said, "Thank you. And you know what, it took a lot of hard work and we've had some challenges but it is really healthy now. And that's all by the grace of God."

You better believe I made sure Johnna and Brad both picked out a friendship bracelet before they left.

This is my friend Libby Grace. Her name is really Mia, but we changed it last year. For National FBC Day 2016 Libby Grace walked into my room with her own original FBC sweatshirt. This year, she showed up again with a new 2017 special edition sweatshirt. I made her promise to come back for National FBC Day when she's a freshmen next year.

What's better than wearing an FBC shirt on National FBC Day?! Wearing all the FBC shirts on National FBC Day. There are now 7 different tshirts/tanks/longsleeves which means one for every class period of the day.

All day long FBC gals were eaither coming to class or popping in just to visit. It's true that I love friendship bracelets, but the Junior High girls are the reason I started the club. I wanted to find a way to bring camp to school and FBC was that path. All these years later, we're still having a blast... On the first National FBC Day in 2010 these 7th grade girls were in Kindergarten.

Did you know that FBC isn't just a Clubhouse thing? There are currently Friendship Bracelet Clubs in 10 different schools. Some of those FBC's got to celebrate National FBC Day together this week...

Northwestern High School

Riverside Junior High

Cathedral High School

Hamilton Southeastern Junior High

National FBC Day conveniently always falls on a Thursday-- I love how it works out like that. So the FBC gang showed up in full force today. We made some time for braceleting and best friend necklace making too. 

Ellyn came to FBC day today because she is proud card carrying member of the FBC since 2009. She actually appeared on the FBC page of the HSE Jr High yearbook that year even though she was a Junior at Carmel HS. Even though it wasn't quite finished yet, I gave Ellyn this bracelet to celebrate the day. Because of her request, it even includes one black string (which I almost never ever use). 

The winners of the great paper clip search (aka the best game of the year) got to be in our timeline photo. In our 8 year history, we have created 13 different pieces of FBC apparel. 

I believe that Ellyn, Hools and I are the only ones with all 13 items. PSA: If you're ever giving something FBC away, I'll gladly take it and pass it on to a new FBC recruit. 

Just as we were taking our group picture outside, my girl Mindy Kelly ran up in all her pink glory and pizzazz so we could all be in it. 

May I present, the Fall Creek Clubhouse chapter of the Friendship Bracelet Club:

Once I'd capture everyone in one photo I turned the girls lose. Taking pictures is a Junior High girl's strength my friends. 

Once I got home and finished up Ellyn's special bracelet I was ready for the next great friendship bracelet picture on the porch. Braceleting in triplicate has really upped my productivity of the giant bracelets.

One of my favorite National FBC Day traditions is the creative photo contest. Some of these girls have been thinking about this ahead of time and make a plan for what they'll post. These are phenomenal. What's your favorite?

What's your favorite post of the day?
To Friendship Braceleters near and far, thank you for celebrating in so many ways today.

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