Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"My goal is to build a life I don't need a break from."

Wednesdays are for the Wilderness gals. Coffee. Stories. Jesus. Praying together. Laughing together. 

Today's words remind me of Smoon and the way she is constantly affirming all of the friends in her life. I can just hear her saying this to someone. 

I'm proud to be a woman every day of the year. And you'll often hear me saying, "Who runs the world?" just so all the YL/FBC/CILT girls can yell back, "GIRLS!" And today on International Women's Day everyone is speaking up about girl power. I loved seeing words and images like these on my feed all day long.

Today I was shocked when an office aid walked into my classroom with a special delivery. This Random Act of Kindness was totally out of the blue and made my day. Small things with great love make all the difference.

Tomorrow is the 8th Annual National FBC Day my friends. It's a big day. I've been celebrating with girls for 8 years now and I love looking back to see how they've grown up.

2015- Hools, Katy Puzz and Hope

2014- Hannah, Maggie, Maddy and Taylor Pozz

2013- Alli Sams, Kegs and Lucy

Here's the plan for tomorrow:
1) Wear 1 (or all) of your FBC shirts
2) Give away a friendship bracelet to a friend
3) Work on a friendship bracelet
4) If you go to the Clubhouse, go to FBC
5) Most creative #nationalfbcday picture on Instagram wins a mega bracelet of your choice

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Ask them if they want to marry me. I will go by Brooke Bracelet. I think I just peed a little."

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