Tuesday, October 16, 2012

20 Things I'm Thankful For

  1. getting to see Smooney one more time
  2. caffeine in the morning
  3. Dictionary Day (all the students and most of the teachers dress up as the definition of a word)
  4. working with awesome people who are so creative and fun
  5. getting to wear my overalls and YL hat
  6. Rule #4: Take Opportunities- electric slide and cupid shuffle instead of CNN today
  7. coffee talk about dreams and the future of YL in Fishers
  8. 26 kids already signed up for the Fall Weekend
  9. running into Maddie and Sophie VanO this afternoon
  10. Instagram inspiration
  11. new blogs to follow from Krissy
  12. seeing the Glee Club perform
  13. watching a Spell Bowl competition
  14. reading letters from Maddie, Smooney, Erin and Ellie that feel like I'm sitting and talking with them
  15. caffeine in the afternoon
  16. phone calls with two of my best friends
  17. being connected to our YL committee
  18. Jon's passion for this organization and our area
  19. the song "Your Love Never Fails"
  20. anticipation for one heck of a reunion tomorrow night

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