Sunday, October 14, 2012

Want to know how to have a fun weekend?

Hang out with Wyld Life kids before school. Eat donuts and talk about the Butterfly Circus.
Drink a lot of coffee and Diet Coke all day long. Leave work early.
Drive to Michigan to see friends and family. Listen to Taylor Swift on the way.

Go on a walk with your parents around the neighborhood.
Hang out with old friends while everyone gets ready for the night. Squeal "Hi!" when you see each other and give everyone big hugs.
Show up at the SIB alumni event. Find people you actually recognize in the crowd.
Hang out with your SIB family--Brigid, Becca, Virginia and Emily.

Make small talk with a lot of people and real heart-to-hearts with a few people.
Find old friends like Hannah, Gabrie, Krissy, Nielson, Ruthie, Shannon, Fudge and Becca.

Reminisce about the years at Hope and bring up old memories. Talk about what life looks like now.
Take pictures with friends you've missed so much.

Visit the house of SIBs still at Hope and get inspiration from Pinterest projects they've created.
Hang out with friends around the kitchen table and eat chocolate chip cookies.

Wake up early to eat breakfast at Good Earth, the best bagel place in Holland, with your parents.
Bring an umbrella and boots in case it's raining all day long.
Visit the SIB cottage with Katie and Mom for the open house.
See old friends like Mejia, Firlit, Brenna and Meg.

Talk to younger girls like Becca, Brigid and Shima that you've become friends with even though you never went to Hope together.
Admire their new Homecoming quarter zip sweatshirts.

Look around the house with Katie and point out all your memories, "Oh this was my room... this was where we put the Dutch Boy & Girl in front of the TV... this was where we looked out the window during NME..."
Sit in the President and Vice- President chairs in the basement.

Take a traditional front steps picture. We love this house.
Go visit the Hope College bookstore and get a new sweatshirt of your alma mater.
Visit Maas so you can see Ellen for a couple minutes.

Eat lunch with the family and the Cosmos at the Brewery.
Hold baby Lincoln and keep him entertained with cracker cookies and pizza crust.

Meet Krissy for coffee at LemonJello's.
Sit in shock for five seconds when Casey Dawson walks in too.
Catch up with old friends over lattes and oatmeal cookies.
Run into Erin Drews and talk about camp connections.

Play a game with Mom and Katie while the guys watch the game.
Take turns playing with Lincoln and find him crawling into cabinets.
Make up a new way to try to get Lincoln to walk.

Eat waffles for dinner at Katie and Nick's house.
Watch Acts of Valor with Nick and then catch up on TV shows with Katie while she finishes work.
Stay up late just because you can.
Go to church in the morning to sing and learn about loving people well.
Eat an early birthday lunch to celebrate Dad being such a great husband, dad and grandpa.
Drive.... and drive some more...

Meet up with Julia and Smooney for a pizza camp reunion dinner.
Laugh about school and camp and clinics and next year.
Sing TSwift's new songs in the car.

Decide to spontaneously visit Olivia.
Hang out and be real life friends for awhile.

Stay up late talking and watching Lennon and Maisy on You Tube.

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