Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Letters

Dear HSE Soccer girls, 
WAY TO WIN SECTIONALS! I was really so impressed with your dedication. I don't know how you don't get a concussion from all those headers. Brooke, you're such a rock star freshmen on this team. Jessica, I love that you were covered in mud, getting tackled by the other team and still managed to dribble circles around everyone and score twice.

Dear Payton, Haley, Haley and Haleigh,
I loved getting to hang out with you all in the stands. Hay But I'm still impressed that you ate 10 caramel apple pops- don't know how you do it. You all are so fun and I love that you come out to cheer on your friends.

Dear Olivia, Emma, Katherine, Courtney, Libby and Anna,
Thanks for inviting me to Dance Marathon. DM was one of my favorite events at Hope and it was so fun to get a peak at yours today. Obvi I love that you all repped your CILT hats and made sure everyone got a tye-dye t-shirt for the event...

Courtney you killed it in Comedy Sportz. I would have wanted to be on your team for sure. Way to be hilarious...

All of you have such contagious enthusiasm. I hope the rest of the night was so much fun.

Dear Mags,
Really love when you want to Skype all the time. It's fun when you try to convince me that aliens exist, even though they don't, but really can't wait to hear all your evidence. Glad we never get sick of each other.

Dear Sarah,
I loved our dinner and a movie tonight. When I told people I was hanging out with you they all said, "She is so sweet," cause you really are the nicest person. "Won't Back Down" was one of the best movies I've seen in such a long time and everyone should see it, especially if they're teachers or have children or go to school or ever went to school. It made me excited to go back to my classroom on Monday.

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