Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful For Today

1. Luke, Jenna and Kyle's baby, is so precious. Technically I played with him yesterday afternoon, but it's still going on this list. He was mesmerized with my friendship bracelets and then kept laughing when I would make my hand shake or flip over.

2. We watched "Move" in my 8th grade class today. It's the newest Invisible Children documentary that was released just a few days ago. After watching it together, we had a real conversation about the genocide in Africa, responsible journalism, our duty to help people just in our country v anyone in the world and what we should do to help the situation. It was interesting to facilitate the conversation and listen to what my student's had to say.

3. Taylor Swift's newest song "I Knew You Were Trouble" came out last night and I'm officially obsessed. Listened to it in the car, played it at the end of 4th period when we finished early, played it with Kylie after school, played it for Emel, listening to it now.... TSwift is so versatile, this doesn't sound like her old stuff. Can't wait for an FBC dance party Thursday.

4. After school I picked up Kylie, a sophomore YL girl, and we went to Orange Leaf. She asked questions about YL Fall Weekend-- I love that she's SO excited about getting to go to camp in just a couple weeks. We talked about her life and felt like a 1-on-1 during the summer.

5. Sam and Megan were in my Carmel Campaigner's group last year and I got texts from them last night after there group finished. We really miss getting to be together and they asked me to come to xc Sectionals tonight. Neither of them ran which was great because then I got to run all over the course with them and eat caramel apple pops.

6. Then I got to see HSE xc girls like Grace, Jessica, Courtney the birthday girl, and Rachel. I stood talking with the mom of one of my girls for a long time and part of our conversation was about how kids that run xc are just all-around awesome kids. It's true. All the Carmel and HSE xc kids I know are fabulous.

7. I talked with my friend Katie and my mom on the drive home tonight. Phone calls in the car are the best... and really the only place I really like to talk on the phone.

8. Emel and I got home at the same time tonight and got to eat dinner together at the kitchen table like a family dinner. We're missing Colleen already who is heading to Florida for a conference and possibly a quick trip to Harry Potter world.

9. I got a letter from Jamie Z today in the mail. I'm so thankful for her honesty, her faith that intertwines in all that she does and her friendship. I love that her creativity and personality were splashed all over the pages.

10. I'm home early enough to catch up on Revenge tonight. #ilovethisshow

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  1. You ate dinner at your house? Did you have food? Did Emel feed you? More importantly, ARE YOU GOING TO ALASKA THIS SUMMER?????????